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The Summer Solstice in the botanical gardens: a guide

To celebrate the arrival of summer, the review of events organized by the Network of Botanical Gardens of Lombardy, a non-profit association that has long been engaged in the scientific and cultural promotion of these often little known symbolic places of biodiversity, starts again. Because of this, from 18 to 26 Junea period that includes the astronomical date of the Summer Solstice, June 21, the Botanical Gardens of Brera and Città Studi, Toscolano Maderno, Bergamo, Pavia And Bormio they will be open and animated by thematic itineraries, workshops, guided tours and cultural encounters for all ages.


The smallest water lily in the world, a “ghost” on display in Milan

by Fabio Marzano

Ethnographic stories, literary insights and botanical drawing lessons with the aim of discovering the plant world under new aspects. There will also be scientific insights for the recognition of flowers, communication between plants, phyllotaxis and domestication.

Green & Blue Festival, the neurobiologist Mancuso: “What would happen if we planted 1000 billion trees”

Where and when

The Botanical Garden of Bergamo “Lorenzo Rota” organizes, in the Astino section, workshops for children and families on Saturday 18 and 25 June, at 4pm. Scheduled instead in the Città Alta section, Saturday 18 at 4.30pm, Sunday 19 and 26 June at 5pm , artistic, naturalistic-creative workshops and a thematic guided tour dedicated to the Beech. Finally, in the Sala Viscontea, on Tuesday 21 June from 8 pm to 10 pm, the presentation and practical experience in the garden Recognizing the flowers of Bergamo – The dichotomous keys of the FAB “.

Alpine botanical garden of Bormio

Alpine botanical garden of Bormio

The “Rezia” Alpine Botanical Garden in Bormio invites, on Tuesday 21 June, to the “Botanical Walk”, an interactive guided tour of the Garden and the collections (at 10:30) and the meeting of ethnography and ethnobotany “Tales and intertwining of plants, people, traditions and cuisineat 15, dedicated to the uses of plants in everyday life and in nutrition in Valtellina, in collaboration with the Alberti Institute.

Scheduled at the Botanical Garden of Brera, Sunday 26 June, thematic guided tours of the collections (booking on Ortibotanici.unimi.it), at 11.30, 14.30 and 16, and two botanical painting meetings with Margherita Leoni (always with booking on the website), at 10 , 30 for adults and children and at 14 for children. At the end of the day, a “surprise” musical moment.


Cuglieri’s millennial olive tree is reborn: sprouts grow one year after the stake

by Cristina Nadotti

The Botanical Garden of City Studies it will open exceptionally on Tuesday 21 June from 5 to 9 pm, for a full calendar of events: at 5.30 pm free guided tours to the collections, installations and stands in the Garden, as well as “Tree Hunt”, an educational activity for families and laboratory discovering trees starting from their leaves (registration on ortibotanici.unimi.it). From 17 to 18, Wuthering Heights “(sign up by email) e Do you know about phyllotaxis?invite you to discover the moors on a literary journey and direct observation of plants, to evaluate the geometric arrangement of the leaves and the relative “angle of divergence”. The exhibition on the “Domestication of cultivated plants” is also open to the public.

The book

The importance of botanical gardens: born for secular science and now witnesses of beauty

by Marco Panara

The “GE Ghirardi” Botanical Garden in Toscolano Maderno reserve three days for Solstice Feast, Saturday 18, Sunday 19 and Monday 20 June. Saturday, from 10:30 to 12:30, two moments of exploration, free and guided with Jasmine Fig; while from 10pm to 11pm the visit at night to discover the tactile and olfactory sensations. On the afternoon of Sunday 19 June, from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm, open-air workshops for children and adults. A day full of events Monday 20 June: from 10.15 to 17.00 a series of free explorations, shared observations and stories with Gelsomina Fico, Claudia Giuliani And Sara Pellegrinoto conclude with the botanical drawing workshop with Renata Barilli.

Finally, the Botanical Garden of Pavia organizes guided tours on Saturday 18 June at 10:30 am and Sunday 19 June at 4 pm Equinoxes and solstices: the response of plants to seasonality in the duration of lightconducted by Francesco Sartori and in collaboration with the Friends of the Botanical Garden of Pavia.

Program, times, entrance fees and booking methods: Reteortibotanicilombardia.it

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