The most queer friendly destinations in the world

The most queer friendly destinations in the world

V.he wants to travel freely and respecting his own identity. In the month that has been dedicated to the celebration of Pride for years, cities come to life and during the 30 most colorful days of the year, there are initiatives and parades to support the LGBTQIA + community and its rights, against all discrimination, from the private sphere to that public. And since the 21st of June officially begins also the summer, season of travel, adventures and freedom here a short guide to what are now considered the most gay friendly countries in the world.

Elodie, the godmother of Roma Pride 2022:

Elodie, the godmother of Roma Pride 2022:

Is traveling in freedom possible?

For a large portion of the population, the the word “travel” is also associated with many worries. According to research conducted by Booking in 25 countries around the world, 82% of members of the LGBTQ + community claim to have lived unwelcoming experiencesif not downright unpleasant, during their travels, and 64% feel they need to pay particular attention to your safety during a vacation.

LGBTQ + Index to measure safety

The situation, of course, varies from country to country. Precisely for this reason, on the occasion of the month of Pride, Preplyan e-learning platform for language learning, has decided to revive its LGBTQ + Index: an index that offers an analysis of the situation of several states, ordering them into one ranking based on the level of legal equality recognized to the LGBTQ + population compared to the heterosexual and cisgender population.

The most gay friendly countries

Here, then, that the most queer-friendly countries turn out to be the Netherlands, Norway and Spain: whether or not you belong to the LGBTQIA + community, these countries are ideal destinations to consider for a trip dedicated to security and freedom for all. Because a country that cares about the equality and serenity of every single traveler is to be rewarded.

Gay Friendly Travel

Gay Friendly Travel (press office)

In Italy the first edition of Egadi Pride

Small steps are being taken in Italy. This June 25 theEgadi Pride 2022 in Favignana combines a proposal for LGBTQIA + tourism. Inspired by the famous phrase of John Donne, “No man is an island”, the motto of the event is “Not islands, archipelagos of differences”.

From the yoga awakening to the bicycle parade, from the collective bath to the walking parade, from the speeches to the music on stage, up to the final party on the beach, the day will be open to anyone who wants to celebrate LGBTQIA + pride in the Egadi archipelago, to help spread awareness and inclusiveness also in Italy. All, of course, in a dream location, surrounded by crystal clear waters and characterized by the splendid Mediterranean scrub: ideal, in short, for a holiday dedicated to beauty for everyone, without distinction.

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Angelo Gallinaanother spokesperson for Egadi Pride, remembers: “I know many people like me who have felt isolated on the islandand they tried to escape to the mainland to manifest their selves. We must make a change of course, we must live our sexuality in the place where we were born and grown up without fear of being judged ».


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