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“Summer in your eyes”: on Prime Video a girl and two brothers discover love – iO Donna

Lthe lightness of summer and the magic of first love. From here the plot from Summer in your eyes, series in 7 episodes available from today on Prime Video. Inspired by the trilogy of the same name by Jenny Handelicately photographs the period of adolescence, through the eyes and experiences of a group of young people.

Summer in your eyesthe plot

As every year, Belly (Lola Tung) spends the holidays with her mother Laurel (Jackie Chung) and his brother Steven (Sean Kaufman) at the house of Susannah (Rachel Blanchard), Laurel’s best friend. With Susannah, the two children live, Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno), with whom she grew up. She is fond of both of them, but particularly of Conrad, whom she has had a crush on since time immemorial.

The upcoming season promises to be different from previous years, both because is about to turn 16 and because Belly is no longer a girl. The first to notice is Susannah, but also Conrad and Jeremiah are not indifferent. Indeed, they are fascinated by it and soon it begins a triangle made of misunderstandings, misunderstandings and special momentswhich will add a touch of magic to the season that will change Belly forever.

On background, the relationship between Laurel and Susannah, best friends forever, ready to support each other regardless of everything. Laurel is a writer looking for some peace of mind after her recent divorce from her husband. Susannah will be the one to spur her on to take back her life.

Summer in your eyes plot series first video review

Belly (Lola Tung). (Prime Video)

The review of the series

Summer in your eyes tells of an extended family, in which pure friendship and affection are disinterested. As in any family, there is the everyday life to face, made up of ups and downs, pitfalls and surprises. Belly embodies the voice of adolescence, that magical and tragic phase at the same time, a prelude to adult life.

A metamorphosis with various passages, various moods, from anger to disappointment, from anxiety to happiness. States of mind that in the course of the 7 episodes make her arrive in the autumn quite different, more aware and with strong experiences to be preserved and preserved.

Millennials will rediscover some distinctive features of some cult series from the 2000sfirst of all Dawson’s Creek. The triangle between Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah remember the one between Joey, Dawson and Pacey. The setting also helps: the seaside town, moments of relaxation on a boat, the Country Club. With the difference that in this series a lot of space is reserved for friendship relationship of mothers, Laurel and Susannah, the pivot around which the whole story revolves. They will be the ones, with a constant and never intrusive presence, to give support now to one now to the other of their boys.

Summer in your eyes plot series first video review

Christopher Briney and Lola Tung. (Prime Video)

Summer in your eyesconfirmed the second season

The episodes run fast, i dialogues do not lapse into banality and there is room to deal with important issues without weighing down the story. The series is a candidate to capture a transversal audience: today’s teenagerswhich can easily be reflected in the protagonists; and those of yesterdaywho for a few hours can take a dip in the past and relive the joys and sorrows of their first loves.

Summer in your eyes – whose original title is The Summer I turned pretty – is debuting, but has already been renewed for a second season. Sign of the trust of Amazon towards history, which obviously needs further development.

“When I decided to adapt the book for television, I knew we would need more than one season to honor the story,” he said. Jenny Han to Variety. “I am grateful to Amazon Studios for the great trust and we can’t wait to start working on the next chapter,” she concludes.

Summer in your eyes plot series first video review

Christopher Briney and Lola Tung. (Prime Video)

Lola Tung, is a new star born?

Incarnation of Isabelle “Belly” Conklin, Lola Tung was born in 2002 in New York, and it is his first experience. An excellent start, which could open the doors of show business for you. Very young, but with clear enough ideas, she is a committed activist. As for the rest of the cast, Christopher Briney starred in the movie Dalì landwhose release is scheduled for 2022, while Jackie Chung is a face of Station 19.

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Rachel Blanchard (Susannah) has a long career behind her, on TV and in the cinema: the latest film is Deep waters (released on Prime). Between the series, it is good to remember You me her. Also Gavin Casalegno is a seasoned actor: born in 1999, he started acting at the age of 7, among his films Noahalongside Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins – and the series The Vampire Diaries. In the end, Sean Kaufman starred in the series Manifest And FBI: Most Wanted.


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