RepIdee, Patrick Zaki connected from Cairo will tell about his Bologna. On the eve of the new trial hearing

RepIdee, Patrick Zaki connected from Cairo will tell about his Bologna.  On the eve of the new trial hearing

He blew out 31 candles yesterday, the first free after two birthdays spent in the cell. Greetings came to him from all over, hundreds of them. And tonight (at 10pm) the emotion will be to have him back in Bologna, on the RepIdee stage, albeit remotely connected from Cairo, in that same Piazza Maggiore which for the first time filled up to ask for his release on February 17, 2020, ten days after his arrest, and then continued to do so with principals and flash mobs at each hearing. Another is upon us. For six months, the student enrolled in the master in Gender Studies at Alma Mater has been free, but his legal case is not yet closed: on 21 June in Mansoura, his hometown, the judge could decide a new postponement, and it would be the third since the trial started after his release.

Again hopes are rekindled that are intertwined with birthday wishes. The expectation is for an acquittal of him and therefore for the possibility of being able to leave Egypt and return to Bologna to finish the master. “I want to go back and I’ll be back. And I want to keep saying the things I think”, the determination that Patrick Zaki has always expressed.


“We wish him to be able to recover his freedom soon and definitively,” Amnesty tweets. “It was already a regret that he spent his birthday without being able to be with his friends here, we wanted to drink with him in the presence – comments the spokesperson Riccardo Noury -. We hope that this is the good hearing, we repeat it again this time, to have the only right solution: the acquittal of all charges and the end of the provisional nature of his freedom “. The Egyptian government has recently released numerous political prisoners.” But then he arrested others – continues Noury ​​- and continues not to give the slightest signal on important stories such as that of Alaa Abd el-Fattah, on his 77th day of hunger strike. The Egyptian government has the opportunity to show that it is serious, freeing the best known prisoners “.


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It would be the real gift, on the side of those human rights that Egypt tramples on with the many prisoners of conscience and taking Patrick Zaki away from his life, his loved ones and his studies for 22 months. And now denying him freedom of movement. Rita Monticelli, coordinator of the master of Zaki and municipal councilor Pd with responsibility for human rights, wishes his student: “May you be free, and always remain the beautiful person you are, with your commitment to rights, for the most fragile people, with your joy for life. A hug from your Bologna, we are waiting for you “. The teacher will be on stage tonight with the rector Giovanni Molarito the mayor Matteo Lepore and the correspondent of the Republic Francesca Caferri who followed the whole affair. Patrick will talk about how important it is to be in the “piazza”, in the heart of Bologna that he loves and that has made him an honorary citizen. And we will discuss human rights, their violation in Egypt.

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“I really miss our department and university buildings,” Zaki replies to his prof. Meanwhile, he continues to take remote exams. “Patrick has resumed his studies that see him passionate about cultures, history, literature – observes Rita Monticelli. We hope that this time he will be acquitted and to finally have him back with us”.

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