• June 8, 2023

Public transport general strike: how far and where – iO Donna

“Cagainst the war, against all forms of dismissal, for job security, for the minimum wage and against speculative price increases ».

These are the reasons why today, Friday 17 Junea date already considered not very lucky, it was announced general transport strike.

A demonstration that will last 24 hours and will involve the mobility sector in different ways, from trains to ships, up to motorways, buses and subways.

Cagliari, the inn that employs single mothers and those who come from the communities

Cagliari, the inn that employs single mothers and those who come from the communities

Train strike: timetables and guaranteed journeys

The general protest involves all the staff of the FS Italiane Group (Trenitalia). It started last night at 9pm and will end tonight at 9pm.

As for the circulation of trains, those a Long Distance will not be affected. Different what will happen for Land regional races who, on the other hand, will feel the repercussions of the strike.

Clearly, as always in these situations, essential services are guaranteed provided for in the event of a strike on weekdays from 6.00 to 9.00 and from 18.00 to 21.00.

Information in real time

All more detailed information can be obtained by calling the toll-free number 800.89.20.21, while on the Trenitalia website you can find the list of national and regional trains guaranteed in the event of a strike.

In any case, it is always better before you leave check the page which is constantly updated on railway traffic.

And it is also important to pay the utmost attention to the notices issued in the stations. This is because the trains that are on their way once the strike has begun, arrive at their final destination if it can be reached within an hour of the start of the trade union unrest. But after this period, trains can stop at stations preceding their final destination.

With regard to Trenord in Lombardyinstead, there are no interruptions to rail traffic, although the possibility of sporadic cancellations is not excluded. In any case, it is always advisable to check online the real-time trend of the circulation of the train for which you have purchased a ticket.

general strike

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Public transport and motorways strike

The strike times for local public transport vary from city to city. TO Milan the protest of the ATM staff should occur from 8:45 am to 3:00 pm and from 6:00 pm at the end of the service.

Instead a Rome, the buses will be at risk from 8:30 to 12:30 and will only concern the Atac network. Regular services, on the other hand, for the connections of Rome Tpl and Cotral.

For the strike times in other cities, it is advisable to consult the websites of the companies that manage public transport at the local level (GTT in Turin, ANM in Naples, TPER in Bolognaetc.).

Also the workers at the motorway toll booths will go on strike until 10pm today. Obviously, no problem for those who have Telepass electronic toll devices or the new UnipolMove, others may encounter some inconvenience.

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And ships and ferries?

Any changes or cancellations of services of the maritime sector could occur in the major islands for 24 hours, from 1 hour before departure, and in the minor islands until 24 today.


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