Peugeot 408, are you ready for the new shapes?

Peugeot 408, are you ready for the new shapes?

ROME – The date of the reveal of the Peugeot 408 is approaching, a model that, according to the first previews of the house of the lion, will be completely new and attractive. In the meantime, the transalpine brand, in the orbit of the Stellantis group, has released two new images showing the details taken from above and conspicuously camouflaged, of the front bonnet and the tail. From the teasers released you can see the muscular and sporty lines derived from a balanced mix between the typical characteristics of the most recent SUVs and crossovers and those of an elegant sedan typical of the Fastback world. In addition, the Peugeot designers have carried out extremely careful aerodynamic work to optimize air penetration from all angles and obtain a reference Cx for the segment. Beyond the design, however, Peugeot wanted to underline the rigorous testing process to which the new model was subjected for a total of almost one million and one hundred thousand kilometers, in all possible conditions, on all road surfaces and in climatic settings. at opposite ends. According to the company, every kilometer traveled in these extreme conditions is equivalent to several tens of kilometers traveled by a normal user during the classic life cycle of the car. As if all this were not enough, the pre-series models were also tested on a test bench with four actuators capable of simulating the most extreme stresses of road surfaces to measure the structural fatigue of the car.

According to Peugeot technicians, it is impossible for a human being to stay behind the wheel and endure the “torture” that this machine imposes on the vehicle. All these phases are part of the “Internal validation plan”, launched just over a year ago, which provides for a series of tests on each individual part or module of the car. “Our goal is excellence – underlined Emmanuel Lafaury, director of the Peugeot 408 project – We are working to test the quality of the design of the new Peugeot 408, but also the performance it can offer to the customer, that is, all situations of use. that can be encountered. In each test, we stress the vehicles, on the road but even more so in the laboratories and on the test benches. We are extremely demanding with ourselves to achieve the excellence we want. But it is a real pleasure to work so hard on this project, because the whole team is in love with the New 408 ”. Considering the environmental strategy of the French brand, certainly also in this case there will be electrified versions already at the launch. The appointment for the world premiere is for next 22 June and the new model will be marketed under the name of Peugeot 408 in all markets, except in China, where it will be called 408X.

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