Passion for play: how to do it? – PinkItalia

Passion for play: how to do it?  - PinkItalia

Finding the casino that is safe, reliable and suitable for your needs is not that simple. In fact, a non-AAMS online casino may not have to comply with those regulations that serve to protect the gambler. This review will provide you with valuable tips to put into practice to choose the casino that is right for you.

Casino without AAMS license

Before choosing the online casino, in which to invest time and money, you need to understand the concept of licensing. The AAMS license, acronym for Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies, is issued by the aforementioned Italian body and has the purpose of regulating gambling to protect the player. However, a non-aams casino should not be considered illegal or unsafe because it may have a license issued by a foreign government.

Choose the casino not aams

Once the license concept has been clarified, all the tips to follow to choose the non-aams casino that reflects your needs will be listed.

  • Before registering with a non-aams online casino it is important to check for a foreign license. To do this, you need to read directly on the main page of the site or search online for some reviews that specify the type of license present. The most reliable foreign licenses are issued by the governments of Curacao, Gibraltar, Malta or Cyprus; therefore, if the non-aams online casino of your choice has one of these four licenses it can be considered reliable.
  • Checking the bonuses and promotions offered is important to avoid choosing a casino that offers bonuses that are not cheap or cannot be used to play your favorite games. Non-aams casinos, not having to comply with strict Italian regulations, often offer very high bonuses and promotions. But be careful, reading the requirements to be able to redeem the bonus is essential to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.
  • Helpful and efficient customer support is another key feature to consider. All online casinos always have customer support available to players, but they are not all the same. It is advisable, in fact, to choose non-aams casino that we have customer support always available (maybe 24/7) and that is easily accessible. Generally the best way to contact support is via a telephone number, but live chats or Telegram chat are also an excellent alternative. Furthermore, it is advisable to choose casinos that offer the possibility of communicating with customer support in your native language, a feature that should not be underestimated if you do not know foreign languages ​​well.
  • One last aspect, but not least, to consider concerns the payment methods. Most non-AAMS online casinos offer different payment methods, more or less known, but not all accept cryptocurrencies or payments via PayPal. Regarding the latter, preferring an online casino that allows you to use PayPal as a payment method could be a good choice because this is one of the safest and most reliable methods that can be found online.
    But be careful, the fundamental thing to check before proceeding with the registration is the presence of the payment method you prefer to avoid wasting time with the registration and then discover that your payment method cannot be used.

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