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Murder Elena Del Pozzo: what we know about the infanticide in Catania

On the afternoon of Monday 13 June, the alarm goes off for the disappearance of a child in the province of Catania. Is called Elena Del Pozzo, he is almost five years old. The mother, Martina Patti, tells the carabinieri that the little girl was kidnapped by hooded men but then confesses to having killed her. Here’s what happened.

June 13 – The fake kidnapping of Elena Del Pozzo

On Monday afternoon the Catania prosecutor confirms a news that has been circulating on social networks for hours: a child has disappeared. To the carabinieri of the Tenenza di Mascalucia, her mother Martina Patti tells that while she was in the car in Piano di Tremestieri Etneo with her child, three armed and hooded men took her away.

Elena Del Pozzo, her mother confesses to the investigating judge: “I killed her in the field alone”. But the mysteries remain. Autopsy today

by Salvo Palazzolo

A night of interrogation

During the night the interrogations follow one another and for the investigators the kidnapping remains a mystery. Numerous doubts about the dynamics and no suspicious images from the cameras on the street. No track is excluded.

Elena Del Pozzo killed by her mother: stages and protagonists

June 14 – Confession: “I killed her”

Martina Patti collapses and confesses her daughter’s crime. It is she herself who accompanies the carabinieri to the place where her body was buried: an uncultivated field, along via Turati, in Mascalucia. The woman is taken away by the carabinieri. The place of the discovery is 200 meters from her home. “Tonight she underwent a long interrogation and various inconsistencies had been contested. This morning she had the body found,” says Catania prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro.

The murder of Elena, there are no traces of blood in the car of the mother: the small carried in the field with the excuse of a game and killed

by Salvo Palazzolo

Martina Patti: “I was not in me”. You follow the trail of jealousy

“I was not in me”. Martina Patti says these words to the carabinieri. Little Elena Del Pozzo was killed with a kitchen knife. The motive, denied by the woman, would be jealousy for the relationship between Elena’s father and another woman. Martina feared that the child might grow fond of her father’s companion. “Before going to get Elena from kindergarten, the woman got herself a shovel and a hoe and took them” to where she would later commit the crime, the carabinieri say. Martina Patti’s defense asks for a psychiatric report for her client.

June 15 – Did Martina Patti have an accomplice? They investigate the carabinieri

Did Martina Patti act alone? This is the question that the investigators ask themselves by reconstructing the dynamics of the crime. “The points to be clarified – says the captain of the carabinieri Salvatore Mancuso – are the place of the crime and the possible responsibility of other people either in the commission of the murder or in the concealment of the body”.

Martina Patti and Alessandro Del Pozzo, the parents of the child killed in Catania: from love to mutual accusations

by Alessandro Puglia

June 16 – The letter from the father: “Premeditated crime, Martina is bad”

“I have heard of madness and morbid jealousy, but I have not heard of malice and sadism. How can one consider a raptus what Martina did? A premeditated murder studied in every detail”. Alessandro Del Pozzo, Elena’s father, writes it in a letter distributed to the press.

June 17 – Prosecutor: “Too many from the mother I don’t remember”

Martina Patti, in the guarantee questioning before the investigating magistrate, confirms that she killed her daughter alone in the place where she was found, “accompanying her reconstruction with many” I don’t remember “on the dynamics that seem specious”. It is, according to what is learned, the evaluation of the Catania prosecutor’s office on the hearing to validate the arrest. The investigating judge Daniela Monaco Crea reserves the right to decide both on the validation of the arrest and on the issuance of a precautionary custody order against the woman.

Murder Elena, Archbishop Renna: “Do not seek revenge, hatred does not benefit anyone”

No blood in the car

There are no traces of blood in Martina Patti’s Fiat 500. Neither inside the passenger compartment, nor in the trunk. The carabinieri who investigate the crime of the woman’s daughter ascertain this. In the car Martina Patti brought a knife, a hoe and some black sacks.

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