• June 5, 2023

M5S, the shore of Grillo a Conte: the founder against the abolition of the mandate roof

The tension is very high. The M5S also lacked the vote of its founder and guarantor. And now, days after the flop to the administrative, Beppe Grillo breaks the post-election silence. He does so with a new post published on his blog entitled “The Supreme spoke to me” in which he argues the importance of maintaining a double mandate (even if the word ‘double’ or ‘two’ is never used) and not deprive yourself of the rule. An anticipation of the controversial issue that will take place in the coming days, when the internal ‘electoral campaign’ on the double-term vote will begin. Here he is the bank of the founder and guarantor of the Movement a Giuseppe Conte. Which thus fits into the clash between the leader and Luigi Di Maio.

Grillo’s post

“It seems more and more appropriate to extend the application of the rules that place a limit on the duration of mandates. These rules have enjoyed some success in some areas of the public sector, such as the judges of the Constitutional Court. But the limit on the duration of mandates does it also justifies the need to place a limit on a relevant power, such as that of the President of the United States – reads a passage from Beppe’s post Cricket published on his blog – Some object – especially among managers who are entrenched in power – that a limit on the duration of the mandates is not always the best option, as it would require you to change managers even when they are smart: ‘horse that wins do not change seem to invoke intoxicated with rhetoric from optimates. This is obviously possible, but the dilemma can be overcome in other ways, without depriving oneself of a rule whose function is to prevent the risk of sclerosis of the power system, if not of its authoritarian drift, which is much greater than sacrifice of some (true or self-styled) Great Man “, writes, among other things, the guarantor M5S.

Giuseppe Conte: “In this government, 5S voters are suffering. Di Maio has offended us all”

by Eleonora Capelli

Casaleggio jr, the administrative and Conte

And it also takes Davide Casaleggio. The son of the co-founder comments on the disappointing results of the administrative: “The M5S has lost 80% of the voters compared to the municipal ones of 5 years ago, someone should take responsibility for it, with facts”, says Casaleggio Jr. “the heaviest electoral defeat in the history of the Movement with 2.2% and I was surprised that no one has yet asked Conte to step back and worse that Conte has not made available his mono-candidacy”.

The tones rise and so does the tension. The accusations made yesterday by the Foreign Minister against the leader of the Movement and vice versa were not enough. Now Davide Casaleggio also intervenes. “After a year of direct management, I think it is time to set an example. Someone should take responsibility for it, with facts,” he tells Adnkronos. The relationship between him and Giuseppe Conte broke down some time ago, when Gianroberto’s son decided to leave the Movement after the divorce from Rousseau and the question of the delivery of the members’ data. It was a year ago. But to split the two souls of the Movement, Conte and Di Maio, even more was the quirinal game where the internal divisions all came out into the open.

So: it would seem that at the moment two different parties coexist in the M5S. The Contian majority is determined to raise the bar in the confrontation with the government of which it is also a part and the next fundamental point is on June 21 in the Senate on the vote linked to the sending of new weapons to Ukraine (on this point Conte and his are against ); while the “dimaiana” troop is now positioned in the wake of “responsibility”, reaffirming its strong support for the Draghi government. The numbers then speak for themselves: from the administrative offices the M5S came out in pieces: from almost 33 percent in 2018 it reached 3 percent in 2022. A disappointing result to which is added the internal earthquake that split the Movement in two.

Meanwhile, Beppe Grillo makes himself heard through his blog. The founder and guarantor did not vote in the administrative offices in Genoa

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