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In Netflix’s “Spiderhead” Chris Hemsworth plays the mad scientist – iO Donna

TOvete this i prison movie in which the convicts are subjected to the worst tortures? Here you are, Spiderhead thriller available today on Netflix – belongs to this category of prison and abuse, but it manages to reach the level of the best titles of this genre only in part. Even with the surplus of social criticism that comes with working on science fiction but in a soft way, starting from the existence of a technology not yet widespread (but entirely plausible).

Luckily there is the beautiful Chris Hemsworth – that in an elusive and misaligned role as we know him, he saves the very expensive shack with dignity.

Spiderhead: the plot

A mysterious island is the home of a prison from which it is impossible to escape. To the condemned, locked up for horrendous crimes, the facility offers a high level of comfort and an unthinkable degree of individual freedom. There are concessions on the adoptable lifestyle as well substantial reductions in sentence in exchange for voluntary participation in a series of clinical trials. Which consist in the administration of drugs mood affecting and aphrodisiacs: the Holy Grail of mental illness cure, says the doctor Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth).

Spiderhead film review Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is Steve Abnesti. (Netflix)

The group that chose to be the guinea pig in a series of clinical trials developed by Dr. Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth) is composed as follows: the mild-mannered Jeff (Miles Teller of Top Gun: Maverick), the quiet Lizzie (Jurnee Smollett of Birds of Prey and the phantasmagoric rebirth of Harley Quinn), the sensual Heather, the crush Sarah and the violent Rogan.

A dystopian parable that could say more

From this premise, Spiderhead gradually takes an increasingly sinister turn, instigated by Abnesti’s psychological abuse, self-proclaimed enlightened scientist. And as befits the prison movie that stimulate claustrophobia, from bow tie to Midnight Escapefrom Escape to Victory to Time to decide, becomes a paranoid thriller, especially for the poor inmates.

That behind the patina of civilization and tolerance of the structure discover a straight system on the torture. The most active in the revolt are Jeff and Lizzie, but beyond the action, the film seeks the general denunciation of exploitation of prisoners and the less well-off – those desperate people who accept all kinds of clinical trials for money. It is the weakest aspect of Spiderhead, the least convincing one. But, as mentioned, there is Hemsworth as Steve.

Chris Vs Miles

He won’t be the greatest actor in the globeyet the Australian actor manages to describe very well the evolution of a multifaceted and controversial character. Where he does not get there, other qualities that Chris knows how to exploit to the maximum make inroads in the public: physical prowess, being likeable and winking, charisma. It’s called easy winning, but if nature has endowed you with unique enough characteristics, with what courage can you condemn ruffling?

However, in comparison with the talented Miles Teller, colleague of other artistic caliber, the obstacle of a dazzling surface is noticeable. But not everything has to be Actors Studio.

Chris Hemsworth, the children's sweet surprise on his birthday

Chris Hemsworth, the children's sweet surprise on his birthday

All men of Spiderhead

Spiderhead boasts literary origins, it is in fact taken from the dystopian sci-fi thriller story Escape from Spiderhead (George Saunders), released in the New Yorker in 2010. The film is directed by the special effects director Joseph Kosinski, already behind the camera of Tron: Legacy (2010) and di Top Gun: Maverick.

At the script is Rhett Reese’s Zombieland And Deadpool, while the production machine is carried out by none other than Hemsworth himself, perfectly at ease in this new role that sees him collaborating with Netflix more and more frequently.

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