• May 28, 2023

Hot, too many air conditioners on: blackout in the center. The evening ascent to the Duomo was blocked

Repeated blackouts in various areas of Milan, with blocked elevators, houses and shops in the dark due to the overload of the electricity grid due to the massive use of air conditioners to cope with the heat wave of the African anticyclone Scipio: the last episode dates back to late yesterday afternoon, when the inconveniences were concentrated in the center, also blocking the evening ascent to the terraces of the Duomo and the shopping in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.

The Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo announced the problem through its official social channels: “We are sorry to report that the evening opening of the Duomo Terraces scheduled for tonight has been canceled due to technical reasons related to the prolonged blackouts that are affecting the center of Milan and piazza del Duomo “reads the post.

Disappointment for tourists and anger for many Milanese: the lifts of the cathedral were blocked on the ground for about 45 minutes until the intervention of the technicians of Unareti (the company that deals with the distribution of electricity and gas), while the lights and air conditioners went off in the entire area between Corso Vittorio Emanuele, via Pattari, via Cardinal Martini and via Santa Tecla.

Unfortunately, the effects are foreseeable, if you consider that Unareti recorded an increase in electricity consumption of 10% compared to last week and 35% compared to May.

Blackout risk, new cables and high-tech cabins: this is how A2a tries to protect the summer in Milan

by Simone Bianchin

“The summer has not yet begun and in Milan it is already time for the first blackouts due to network overload – is the bitter reflection of a user on Twitter – There was no match in the referendum between peace and air conditioners suggested by Draghi. handcuff and patience for the gas crisis and climate change “.

Another echoes: “These days there are blackouts in half of Milan and we are only in mid-June. Take everything out of me, but not the air conditioning, right?”. And again: “It’s hot in Milan, the air conditioners are turned on and the blackout is on time as usual. Welcome to the future. And can you tell me about the energy transition?”.

Some were forced to walk “13 floors on foot, without being able to carry the shopping and without being able to cook. Shame on you”, while many indignantly shared the screenshot of the notice received from Unareti: “Outages are in progress without warning which will take approximately three hours to restore. “

From viale Certosa to Crescenzago and the Navigli, reports have multiplied on social networks. And if someone tried to laugh it off – “Eat all the ice cream, quickly” – many would appeal: “Turn down the air conditioners, please”.

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