Here is the dolce vita of the Mille Miglia

Here is the dolce vita of the Mille Miglia

A reminder for many car enthusiasts: classic and otherwise. This year more than ever. The Mille Miglia is enriched every year with initiatives, so much so that it is no longer just a regularity race but also an appointment for the most famous faces, lovers of the beautiful country. A caravan that, for the 40th edition, sees over 400 cars racing, with top-drivers, sports champions, TV personalities and pilots at the wheel. Here, then, is a list of those “old ladies” not to be missed, even if just for a shot.

The “auto 1000”. She won the first Mille Miglia in 1927 and is the first to open the procession. Specifically, it is the “OM 665 Superba”: 6 stands for the number of cylinders, 65 for the mm of bore. The model produced by Officine Meccaniche earned the nickname of “Superba” for its performance: glory that led the company to be acquired by Fiat in ’34. On board is champion Sonny Colbrelli, who took home the victory of Paris-Roubaix last year. He is accompanied by the actor and director Giorgio Pasotti. After the turning point in the capital, Rudy Zerbi, music critic and TV presenter, gets on the same car.

Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Super Sport. It comes from the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum in Arese. Only 1928 examples of this model were built from 1929 to 31. The car was the winner of the 2019 Mille Miglia. With the number 41 it is driven by Giovanni Moceri, former Italian champion of the ACI Sport Grand Events and winner of some of the most demanding rallies in Italy. regularity for classic cars. Navigator, Silvia December, his wife.

Jaguar XK120 Ots Roadster (1952). On board is the Messina actress, writer, former model and former Miss Italy 1977, Anna Kanakis. She is back in racing, after 2016, with the number 215 as a navigator. Piloted by her husband Marco Merati Foscarini.

Alfa Romeo 1900 Sport Spider (1954). This car was only produced twice. An extremely rare racing spider with four double camshaft camshafts from the Alfa Romeo 1900. Equipped with a dry sump oil circuit, the engine delivers 138 HP and accelerates the racing spider up to 220 km / h: speed due to the weight of the vehicle (880 kg), but also the aerodynamic efficiency and the five-speed gearbox, which was state-of-the-art for the time. With the starting number 342, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, CEO of the Sauber Group, partner of Alfa Romeo in the Formula 1 World Championship, at the wheel. The co-driver is Vittoria “Vicky” Piria, racing driver and sports commentator.

Arturo Merzario

Arturo Merzario

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider (1957). With the number 427, former Formula 1 driver Arturo Merzario at the wheel: the enthusiasm seems to be the same as when he was racing on the track. Beside him as navigator Giovanni Giulio Li Calzi.

Tesla model 3. The Californian model is eye-catching as in the debut. On board is Giancarlo Fisichella the former Formula 1 driver, enrolled in the 1000 Miglia Green, which since 2019 has been held simultaneously as a regularity race for Full-electric. Beside him Matteo Ferraglio.

Alfa Romeo Tonale. Special preview debut, passing through the most beautiful streets of Italy, a few hours after arriving at the dealership. The model represents the evolution of the species, for that brand that achieved eleven overall successes in the 1000 Miglia (ahead of the Ferrari with eight and the Mercedes with two): it is the first electrified model of Alfa, ready to symbolize the metamorphosis of the Biscione towards alternative forms of propulsion. The car is driven by Marta Garcia, president of the Women’s Car Of The Year, world automotive award.

Lamborghini Huracán EVO. It is a “Pink Car” and parades in the bus with the aim of supporting the fundraising for the Women’s cancer center of the Ieo-Monzino foundation. Five drivers will take turns: Victoria Cabello, Paola Barale, Arisa, Warly Tomei of the Ieo-Monzino Foundation, and Dr. Viviana Galimberti.

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