Gigi D’Alessio celebrates 30 years of songs in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples – iO Donna

Gigi D'Alessio celebrates 30 years of songs in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples - iO Donna

T.ten years of career are well worth a great party. Indeed great! Gigi D’Alessio organized it in Naples in piazza del Plebiscito, with all his fans. Title: One like you – Thirty years together – concert-event that celebrates many years of successes of the singer-songwriter (and not only) who turned 55 last February.

To celebrate it not only the spectators in the square, who evaporated the tickets in less than three hourseven the audience of Rai 1: because tonight the show will be live on TV starting at 21.25.

Guests of One like you – Thirty years together

Gigi D’Alessio will not be alone in celebrating. With him, many artists will go up on stage who will transform the celebration of the Neapolitan artist’s 30-year career into a show. To answer “Present!” Fiorello and Amadeus were the first to be invited by Gigi D’Alessio. With them, on the musical front, there will be Alessandra AmorosoAchille Lauro, Fiorella Mannoia with whom D’Alessio has recorded The loveEros Ramazzotti, Clementino, the DJ Massimo Alberti and many rappers from Campania from Luché to Enzo Dong.

They will come as well Vanessa Incontradamanagement partner of D’Alessio in 20 that we are Italian, Vincenzo Salemme, Alessandro Siani and Maurizio Casagrande, Stefano De Martino and Andrea Delogu and “Zia Mara” Venier. Somewhat special guests will be Francesco Merola, son of Mario Merola who was among the first to believe in the potential of the then very young Gigi, and LDAborn Luca D’Alessio, his third son who participated in the latest edition of Friends by Maria De Filippi. «He had a wish, that they would not tell him that he was the ‘son of …’. Now it is I who am saying: “I am the father of …”»Said the singer presenting to the press One like you – Thirty years together.

gigi d'alessio 30 years rai concert

Vanessa Incontrada and Gigi D’Alessio.

The top 10 moments in Gigi D’Alessio’s career

The accordion

It all started with an accordion. “My father gave one to my brother. I fell in love with it and he begins to play it “, says D’Alessio. That was the first encounter with music for the singer-songwriter who from an early age began to compose songs following the example of the songwriters of the time. «The first song sung? This little big love“, remember.

The conservatory

Although he started as a self-taught, Gigi D’Alessio’s musical studies are more than solid. At the age of 12, in fact, he began to attend the Conservatory of Music of San Pietro a Majella in Naples. He graduated in piano at the age of 21. She still says: «Music is like a beautiful woman that can change according to the clothes she wears, but she always remains beautiful. I don’t like dividing music into musical genres: we are all children of Chopin and Mozart“.

The meeting with Mario Merola e Nothing else

In the early 90s meets Mario Merola and becomes the official pianist. Merola believes in him and Gigi D’Alessio repays him by dedicating the song to him Nothing else which in 1999 became a film. In the cast there is also D’Alessio who plays the son of Mario Merola, in the role of himself, and Giorgio Mastrota. In the concert-event One like you – Thirty years togetherGigi D’Alessio with Francesco MerolaMario’s son, will sing together just right Nothing else.

At the San Paolo stadium in 1997

In 1996 Gigi D’Alessio is already a famous singer in Naples, so much so that already in 1997 he enters for the first time at the San Paolo stadium, not as a spectator but as a protagonist. In front of 20,000 spectators he performs a show that becomes his first live album All in one concert.

The success of Never tell him in Sanremo 2000

It is participation in the Sanremo 2000 Festival with Never tell him to give it national notoriety. “For us singers Sanremo is like Lourdes»Says Gigi. The song, in fact, arrives tenth in that edition won by the Piccola Orchestra Avion Travelwith Feelingbut the presence at Ariston clears Gigi D’Alessio’s customs making him a national artist.

Honey summer of 2022

There is no Italian until the summer of 2002 did not listen Honey. The piece is raging together with Asereje of Las Ketchup. It is the single that anticipates the album One like you which also contains Never give uppiece that Gigi D’Alessio often cites as a symbol of his life in which he never gave up.

Love with Anna Tatangelo

The album One like you also contains A new kissa piece in which Gigi D’Alessio duets with a very young girl Anna Tatangelo. The gossip would already want them very close, However, Gigi is married to Carmela, mother of her two sons Claudio and Ilaria who, in 2003, will become the brothers of Luca, who today sings with the acronym LDA. But life reserves for Gigi D’Alessio an overwhelming love with the young Anna. From their relationship made official in 2006, Andrea was born in 2020. The two split up in March 2020. Today D’Alessio is related to Denise Esposito who in January made him a father for the fifth time, the little one is called Francesco.

Gigi D'Alessio 30 years of career rai 1 concert

Gigi D’Alessio and Anna Tatangelo in 2013. (LaPresse)

The tv with Made in South

There is not only music in the life of Gigi D’Alessio. In 2017, in fact, after being in 2014 and 2015 on Canale 5 the host of two editions of the New Year’s Eve with Gigi D’Alessio, the singer accepts the challenge of conducting Made in South on Rai 2. Also in this case he succeeds well by bringing the composer Giovanni Allevi to the stage of the television cabaret.

Coach a The Voice of Italy And The Voice Senior

The experience of Made in South convinces the manufacturers of The Voice of Italy to entrust him with an armchair in the 2019 edition conducted by Simona Ventura, the sixth and, up to now, last of the program. However, he returns in 2020 as coach a The Voice Senior. He keeps his place also in the second edition where he wins with Annibale Giannarelli.

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20 years that we are Italian with Vanesa Incontrada

On television Gigi D’Alessio was also the host on Rai 1, with Vanessa Incontrada of Twenty years that we are Italianthree special evenings.


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