Eyelash extensions, for an intense summer look without mascara – iO Woman

Eyelash extensions, for an intense summer look without mascara - iO Woman

LAnd Eyelash extensions are among the most popular beauty treatments in the summer, and the reason is simple: they allow you to intensify your gaze without applying mascara. Natural, doll or cat, they can be applied in a thousand ways to enhance the shape of the eyes.

Claudia Miliafounder of “Plumes: Atelier of the gaze ” in Milan, unveils the differences between the various types of artificial eyelashes and how to take care of them during the hottest months.

Eyelash extensions, how to apply

“To apply the eyelash extensions you need a lot of experience, dexterity, precision and practice. Before carrying out the treatment it is necessary to identify the shape together with the client more suitable according to the type of skin, the shape of the eye and the desired effect»Begins to explain the expert.

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«Once the mix of lengths and curves has been chosen, a patch to isolate the lower lashes so that they are not involved in the treatment “.

At this point «yes isolates a single hair on which the synthetic one will be applied with a specific glue. Once the whole eye is finished, yes performs a check to make sure that the extensions are placed correctly: the result should be almost imperceptible and not cause annoyance ».

Can they be done in the summer?

“Absolutely yes. They are one of the most requested treatments precisely because they require little maintenance and give the eye an always tidy and made-up look ».

The application of eyelash extensions also reduce the daily beauty routine: «It is not necessary to use the eyelash curler and you can abandon the mascara» he assures.

«The heat, the sun and the chlorine in the pool do not spoil the effect e in any way there is no need to worry if the applied “fans” will close after contact with waterjust wait for them to dry and brush them lightly with the special brush to make them perfect again ».

Eyelash extensions: will mascara still be needed?

“Con the application of extensions it is not necessary to use mascara: many of those currently on the market incorporate oils that weaken the glue used during the treatment and nullify the effect obtained ».

If you really can’t give them up, “you can use those created specifically for extensions», Claudia Milia specifies.

Doll, cat and natural effect eyelash extensions: the differences

The distinction between these three types depends on the point of the eye where the extensions are applied.

They define themselves “Natural” those of the same size as your own eyelashes, which they give greater emphasis and openness to the gaze. Those “A cat” they recognize, instead, because the longer extensions are applied to greatly accentuate the external part of the eye “.

Finally the “Doll eyelashes” “I am concentrated in the center of the eye, almost to recreate a childish effect ».

How to take care of it at home

«Home maintenance is quite simple and does not require a great deal of maintenance. After an eyelash or eyebrow treatment we recommend do not wet the affected area for at least 24 hours “.

The extensions «must be cleaned daily morning and evening to eliminate any make-up residues, dust and smog accumulated during the day. Then simply brush them with a clean brush ”, explains the expert.

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Mistakes not to make

To be avoided absolutely, the use of oily make-up removers. Another mistake you shouldn’t make is to remove the extensions yourself because you risk pulling out your natural lashes as well ”, concludes Claudia Milia.


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