• June 5, 2023

Donazzan on the trans teacher Cloe Bianco: “I said it was a man disguised as a woman. I was threatened, but I claim those words”

“It is shocking that the LGBTQ + movement is using the tragic death of a person to make a political controversy. I believe that whoever left Professor Bianco alone is precisely the LGBT movement, because 7 years later, only to try to find the visibility, to attribute responsibility, without asking a question about the way of his coming out? “. Like this Elena DonazzanCouncilor for Education, Training, Work and Equal Opportunities of the Veneto, in quota Fratelli d’Italia expresses himself on the tragic end of Chloe Whitethe suicidal teacher victim of transphobia on which she herself took measures 7 years ago after the letter from some parents who were pupils of Bianco.

“Absurd political controversy”

“To say that you are homosexual is an affirmation, to show up in class, because this happened, with a blonde wig, a fake breast, a miniskirt and heels is another thing – adds Donazzan -. It was then used as a flag of great courage. and today it is used in death to make a completely political controversy, because they belong to the Brothers of Italy “.

The offenses and threats of serial haters

Donazzan then recounts the offenses of the serial haters received on his social channels. “For three days my social networks have been attacked with death threats, with offensive words to me and my family, to my life, so if there is a responsibility to raise the tone, it is on the other side – he says – I went to reread the post in which I talked about Cloe Bianco and I published the email that arrived at my office and wrote: ‘Draw conclusions yourself’. “In subsequent interviews, I talked about who should be dressed in a certain way – he points out – without having prepared the thing. “And he adds:” I defined Chloe Bianco ‘a man dressed as a woman’ and what if not this? Is it sunny or raining in Milan today? Here is the sun and even if you wanted rain the sun shines in the sky “.

School is not to be used as a showcase

For Donazzan “to feel one’s sexuality in a different, particular, homosexual, transsexual way is one thing, but the school is not the place of ostentation because that’s what it was. There are many gay teachers I know, who confront me, who certainly they do not use the school to make it a showcase, which respect the place of the school. So this is true for children – he wonders – but can’t it be true for a teacher? What kind of message do we give? “.

Vito (FI), after White suicide, Donazzan resigns

“I waited a few days. Faced with the suicide of Chloe Bianco, I expected a gesture, a word of apology, of emotion from the councilor Elena Donazzan, protagonist at the time of the removal from the teaching of Chloe Bianco because he had manifested his identity Instead silence, a silence that is as serious as the words that Councilor Donazzan pronounced on that occasion. At this point, not an apology, but the resignation of Elena Donazzan, is necessary and dutiful! “. He writes it on Twitter Elio Vitodeputy of Forza Italia.

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