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Lhe climatic crisis also affects the splendid Yellowstone National Park which, due to extraordinary rains, which caused landslides and floods never seen before, must close to visitors.

In history it had only happened once, in June 1988, for a series of devastating chain fires caused by lightning.

The wonder of tulips, in Holland reopens the immense and colorful Keukenhof park

The wonder of tulips, in Holland reopens the immense and colorful Keukenhof park

Yellowstone Park hit by the climate crisis

In the latest bulletin, the managers of the reserve let it be known that “there are currently no injuries or deaths», But that the northern part of the Park probably will remain closed for a long time of time due to severely damaged infrastructure.

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Water and mud everywhere

Aerial shots released by the National Park Service they showed large areas in the part of the winding North Entrance Road, in the Wyoming portion of the park, excavated by the floods.

Areas that are likely to take months to fully repair. And then, there is no power in the whole park and numerous streets have been wiped out or covered with rocks and mud.

Weather reports worry

There Gardiner’s community is currently isolated and the Park with the County and the State of Montana are working hard for ensure the necessary support for residents, which currently in many areas have no water or energy. The weather reports, however, still predict precipitation and, of course, concern is rising.

Yellowstone Park closed

The great parkwhich covers an area of ​​over 9,000 square kilometers and includes the states of Wyoming, Montana and IdahoAnd, he was preparing to celebrate his 150th anniversary.

The closure at this time is a real economic tragedy for all tourism workers. All of whom hoped to welcome visitors from all over the world after the restrictions due to Covid of the last two summers.

The climate crisis is unforgiving

Never before has such a climate been seen in Yellowstone. Scientists interviewed by The New York Times even sounded an alarm, reporting that 423 national parks in the United States are at risk from global warmingGradually rising temperatures, they argue, will greatly increase summer fires in parks.

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And what’s happening in Yellowstone for the past few days, is already an example of how the climate is getting warmercause an excessive melting of the snow on the mountains of the park which, with more and more frequent thunderstorms, cause the terrible floods.


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