• June 5, 2023

‘Christian’, the second season of the series is shot with Pesce and Santamaria

After the success of the first season, also certified by the work of Tvboy street artist in via dei Pettinari in Rome, the “all’amatriciana” superhero Christian back for a second chapter. In fact, the second season of the series produced by Sky and Lucky Red in collaboration with Newen Connect is underway. Six new episodes, coming soon on Sky and streaming on Now, entirely directed by Stefano Lodovichi (also creative producer as well as among the authors of the new episodes) and which sees the return to the set of the protagonists of the first, the winners of the David di Donatello Edoardo Pesce (Dogman, Pure Hearts, … otherwise we get angry!) And Claudio Santamaria (Freaks Out, The Best Years, They Called Him Jeeg Robot).

Returns: from Silvia D’Amico to Ivan Franek

With them they return Silvia D’Amico in the role of Rachel, a former junkie with a painful past, miraculously miraculous by Christian and reborn to a new life, Antonio Bannò in those of David, heir to the empire of Lino, the local boss, Francesco Colella in the role of Tomei, the shady neighborhood veterinarian, Gabriel Montesi is the friend of Christian’s company, Penna, Giulio Beranek And Ivan Franek, again in the role of respectively the charismatic Biondo and Father Klaus, an exorcist who has an unfinished business with Christian. On the set too Romana Maggiora Vergano who will be Michela again, in the first season dead and resurrected by Christian’s hand.

‘Christian’, Edoardo Pesce: “Me, a thug from the suburbs with the stigmata”

by Silvia Fumarola

The news of the cast from Laura Morante to Camilla Filippi

Two absolute debuts in the cast of the new episodes: that of Laura Morantewho will play a mysterious character full of surprises, and that of Camilla Filippiwho in the second season will be Esther, a woman who does not seem to be living well in the presence of Christian.

‘Christian’, Claudio Santamaria: “It’s time to have fun, I’m going to hunt for miracles”

by Silvia Fumarola

The news of the second season

The first season told the story of Christian who has always lived as a thug, until the appearance of the stigmata on his hands disrupts his life. Matthew, a suspicious postulator of the Vatican with undoubtedly unorthodox methods, sets out on the trail of Christian and his mystery. In the new episodes, after the death of the boss Lino, the City-Palace needs a new king and for Christian the time comes to apply his gift and build that kingdom predicted by Biondo. Christian will have to learn what it means to pass from a petty criminal to a saint, from one of many to a point of reference for an entire community, becoming the “king” of City-Palace and learning to make choices in the name of the good of all. Alongside him, old friends but also new obstacles and increasingly insidious enemies.

Listen to Christian: punches work miracles

by Antonio Dipollina

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