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Organic products in a basket

The market for organic products sold in specialty stores and traditional supermarkets is growing. More and more families are buying organic food and zero km food that respect the environment or the most modern nutritional and dietary rules. The scenario of food consumption is constantly evolving between the search for well-being, new emotional impulses and sustainable lifestyles.

Consumers are willing to spend more on fruits, vegetables and organic products. The green of the packaging and the magical word organic on the packaging is stronger than the natural propensity to save of Italian families even in times of crisis. Communication plays a very important role in consumer choices but what does organic really mean, is it good and is it safe?


Organic products

The purpose of organic farming is to produce high quality food to preserve the health of consumers and producers, abolishing the consumption of energy and raw materials and to protect the environment by promoting diversification. THE organic products involve crop rotation and the use of natural fertilizers instead of traditional synthetic chemicals used in modern agriculture.

The biological food it is produced without herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers but it also differs in a greater respect for the living conditions of the animals. The farms comply with precise rules without the so-called ‘batteries’ in favor of a healthier life supported by a certified organic diet and GMOs and antibiotics are prohibited. But how to recognize organic products and who guarantees food safety and origin?

Organic certification

To certify the quality of organic products in the production processes there is no Italian organic brand to protect national production. There are specific certification bodies in charge of establishing compliance with the organic standards of growers and suppliers based on European and national regulations. They are independent bodies, recognized and authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies which we list below.

CCPB Consortium for the control and certification of organic in Italy. It offers quality, energy, environment, safety and product certification services as well as information on controls

Icea Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification is the largest Italian certification body for organic products and products with a strong ethical, social and environmental value. Regulations, definitions, recipes, companies, points of sale, markets and tourist facilities to live naturally

Soil and health Control and certification body for agri-food and the environment. In addition to organic, it deals with the certification of Denomination of Origin products, supply chain traceability, integrated agriculture and biocosmetics.

Aiab Cultural association that aims to promote organic farming, rural eco-development and natural food

Bioagricert controls over 11,500 companies in Italy and 1,500 abroad and employs about 200 inspectors of which over 130 are in Italy.

Codex Guarantees plant, animal, fresh and processed products, originating from agriculture and intended for human or animal nutrition according to the regulations. Beef labeling is one of the company’s priorities.

Bios It deals with certification in the agricultural sector, in the food sector and in the service sector, verifying the correct application of the regulations

Ecolabel European Union ecological quality mark to characterize products and services with low environmental impact according to the regulations in force

Ismea Institute of Services for the Agricultural Food Market offers information on the agricultural food market and on the prices of organic products for sale at all levels of the distribution chain

Organic products market

Italy according to Eurostat is among the countries in Europe where i organic products they are more worn out. Health and safety are the main reasons that push consumers to buy, with an increase in sales that according to Nielsen in recent years has reached almost 20%. According to the Bio in figures report by Ismea, the turnover of biogics in Italy has exceeded 3 billion euros. According to Nomisma data relating to Italians aged 18-65, the consumption of natural organic wine went from 2% in 2013 to 41% in 2018.

In the production chain of Italian organic products over 80,000 companies with 2 million hectares of cultivated land are involved. there is a return to agriculture on the part of young entrepreneurs who produce high quality food recognizing an ethical value in organic. Many companies deal with organic products because they are attracted by the expanding business, so much so that organic food imported from non-European countries is also on the rise. This involves over 200 million kg of food, one third of which comes from Asia: with what guarantees?

Price of organic

THE organic products they are priced higher for a variety of reasons. The production costs of fruit and vegetables are higher because more work is required to comply with the standards necessary for certification. Organic products are not limited to the pure cultivation process but comply with a series of regulations due to the improvement of environmental sustainability and animal welfare throughout the production chain.

If the benefits for humans are also evident in the organic productions of small niche rural realities that guarantee the conservation of the territory, being sustainable has higher costs. Despite its widespread popularity in supermarkets in recent years, it has a lower market than traditional foods. The economy of scale of the supply chain is missing, which includes collection, distribution and sale to the consumer.

Organic products at low prices they can be purchased directly from producers or from farmers’ cooperatives. There are groups of people who spontaneously join together in the so-called solidarity purchase groups (GAS) to buy organic fruit and vegetables on farms, directly from farmers and processors.

Supermarkets and organic shops

Although the prices of the organic products are higher, consumers seem willing to make some more sacrifices for those who guarantee greater respect for the environment, the health of farmers and consumers. Supermarkets sell organic products directly under their own brands or from other famous producers. There are shops and supermarkets dedicated exclusively to organic food where you can find all kinds of products necessary for everyday life together with other smaller realities that sell online with home delivery.

NaturaSi Supermarkets with an assortment of over 4000 organic and natural products under their own brand and third-party producers. A point of reference with shops throughout Italy for those who follow a sustainable lifestyle. There is the possibility of shopping online

Bio c’bon Shops dedicated to organic products of French origin. In addition to traditional products, there is the possibility of buying cereals and dried fruit in bulk with the special dispensers.

Ecomarket It is aimed at collective and private catering, offering certified organic food and household products at affordable prices. Possibility of online purchase and many promotions. It does not sell fresh fruit and vegetables

Bio-health A portal that sells organic products online divided into convenient categories to quickly search and find a reliable company to buy the required goods directly online. Do not forget the showcase of offers dedicated to organic foods and vegan products without fresh fruit and vegetables.

Comprobio Online sale of organic products, from food to plates, cutlery and bio-gradable nappies, up to certified cosmetics.

Bollabio A portal that sells organic food and certified ecological products online, divided into categories to facilitate research in particular for those suffering from gluten intolerances and those who follow the Zone Diet. The shop is located in San Marino

I Piccolissimi Eco-friendly natural items for children and adults to buy directly online. On the site they are divided by categories from foods to games. Many offers and promotions

AgriSpesa Every week you receive fresh agricultural products directly from the producer at home. Information and conditions for the service in a practical site to consult

Bioexpress Producers from South Tyrol who are dedicated to the cultivation of organic fruit and vegetables. On the site all the information for subscription and online purchases

Cortilia ensures quality products and efficient service with free deliveries. A real online agricultural market with recipes and tips for preparing appetizing dishes with seasonal ingredients

Ecological farms

In addition to supermarkets and organic shops, the most recent scientific discoveries can be applied to create alternative sustainable points of sale in total respect of the environment with an eye to water waste. In the center of Berlin ECoFriendly Farm there is one ecological farm which produces vegetables, legumes and fish according to the principles of integrated organic agriculture.

In an area of ​​1800 m2 it produces 30 tons of legumes and 35 tons of freshwater fish reared in special tanks that recover water to feed the plants with hydroponic cultivation. An integrated savings circuit is tailor-made to cope with environmental problems and meet the food needs of a considerable part of the citizens who gravitate to the neighborhood and the entire area.

In this ecological farm in addition to shopping, you can eat a snack with dishes ready at the moment: salad and vegetable buffet without forgetting the barbecue with pike and freshly caught perch. Leading the project are two small entrepreneurs Nicolas Leschke and Christian Echternacht grappling with the realization of the dream of providing people, directly on the doorstep, with fresh food without pollutants.

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