20 sustainable swimwear to fall in love with

20 sustainable swimwear to fall in love with

Lhe arrival of each summer coincides with the search for the perfect swimsuit. In 2022, swimwear must also meet another requirement, that of environmental sustainability. Bikinis and one-piece swimsuits of the season are not only chic, comfortable and inclusive, with shapes and silhouettes that are truly suitable for every body, but they become a symbol of a new vision green and eco, which concerns the product from design to shipment. For a summer under the sun that is also good for the planet.

Swimwear with recycled fabrics

As for clothing, also for swimwear the starting point in Summer 2022 to be truly green and sustainable and respectful of the environment are the fabrics employees. More and more brands are focusing onEconyl, a regenerated nylon thread derived from plastic waste collected around the world. Old fishing nets, plastic bottles, carpets, scraps from the seabed or landfills: everything acquires a second life in swimwear destined to last well beyond summer 2022.

green costumes 2022

Regenerated nylon, obtained from waste abandoned in the oceans, is the main fabric of the Medina swimwear

Research and innovation remain the two pillars for building a truly green future. Evarae offers swimwear garments made of organic silk, Econyl and Tencel of responsible origin. Mara Hoffman, one of the most committed designers on the environmental sustainability front, often uses Repreve, a polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. For her latest collection, Vitamin A has focused on BioSculpt, an innovative fabric made from castor beans, an excellent alternative to nylon fabrics based on fossil fuels.

Summer 2022: green and Made in Italy swimwear

The emerging realities of the Italian industry are often the most receptive and attentive to environmental sustainability issues, also with regard to swimwear. Lido, for example, is an independent project born from the desire to create beautiful, practical and green activewear and swimwear, using sustainable and recycled materials. Even the creations of Forest partya young brand founded by architect Laura Zura-Puntaroni, are handmade in small artisan factories, using 100% Italian, recycled and certified yarns.

eco costumes 2022

Lido’s latest collection is based on the exploration of different color gradients

The quality and craftsmanship of Made in Italy have also conquered non-Italian brands, which in the peninsula have chosen to produce their collections. This is the case of the Parisian brand Dolla; from Zazi Swimwhich uses regenerated Italian yarns, and of Vanessa Sposia newborn brand with an ethical soul that divides its production between Italy and Portugal.

Swimwear: the 5 must-have models for Summer 2022

Swimwear: the 5 must-have models for Summer 2022

Not just sustainability

The green approach that characterizes many swimwear brands often goes hand in hand with the commitment on other fronts, from female empowerment to body positivity. The costumes of Salome, for example, they are made of recycled nylon in small quantities by artisans from the Dominican Republic, the country of origin of the brand’s founder. While Jade Swimin addition to respecting the environment, it is known for being a brand designed and produced entirely by women.

Research and innovation in the field of fabrics and materials also allows us to create costumes that really fit the body and shape of every woman. Tonabrand founded by stylist Tona Stell, in addition to sustainability focuses on inclusiveness, with a particular focus on tops and bikinis designed for more prosperous breasts. Girlfriend Collective, on the other hand, it boasts an ethical, transparent and green approach at 360 degrees. The swimwear, available in a very wide range of sizes, is made of Econyl regenerated nylon.

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green costumes 2022

Tona’s swimwear is versatile and comfortable, offering support and movement for any bra size

In Summer 2022, more than ever, the swimsuit becomes a statement, not only of style, but of true social commitment, which requires a green, eco and sustainable approach.


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