Why do some people suffer from heat more?

P.Why do some people suffer from heat more than others? What happens to you and how to fight the rising temperature

Excessive sweating, a feeling of choking and the urge to take a freezing shower every five minutes: the heat gives you no respite? Maybe you are among the people who suffer from it the most! A big problem when the hot season arrives and the days become a grueling battle against the crazed thermometer.

Because you feel warmer

It is not your feeling, there are some people who suffer more from the heat. In fact, there are conditions that predispose us to perceive more the rising temperature. For example ovulation. At this stage of the cycle the progesterone that is produced by the body leads to a increase in body temperature of + 0.5 ° C, also causing excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis.

The same goes for other factors that lead to an increase in body temperature such as physical activity, alteration of the sleep-wake rhythm, a heavy meal or thyroid dysfunction. Stress should not be ignored either, which can lead to an increase in norepinephrine and adrenaline which lead to an increase in perceived body heat. Be careful even moisture which tends to increase the perception of heat.


Hyperthermia, that is the excessive perception of heat, causes very clear signals. The first is a severe headache, accompanied by dehydration and loss of appetite. The people most at risk are those who suffer from cardiovascular problems, respiratory diseases, hypertension and kidney failure. This is because the organism in such cases fails to activate the compensation mechanismscausing a feeling of being unwell.

How to deal with high temperatures

If you are on the hunt for a greener remedy than the air conditioner to deal with the heat wave, know that they exist numerous “tricks” to counteract the inconveniences of summer.

Take care of your nutrition

Diet is essential for people who suffer the most from heat. Avoid consuming foods that cause an increase in body temperature, such as radicchio, onion, garlic, spinach, dried fruit, beetroot and fried food. Bring an abundance of fruit and vegetables to the table, focusing on peaches, melon, cherries, watermelon, but also cucumbers, salads, tomatoes and carrots: foods that give energy and are particularly thirst-quenching.

Remember to drink

To lower the body temperature and fight the heat, water is essential. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day, integrating its consumption with herbal teas, iced tea and smoothies. Absolutely avoid industrial sugary drinks, opting instead for infusions prepared at home with seasonal fruit and lots of ice, ideal for quenching your thirst. Among the best herbs to counter the heat choose dandelion, birch and artichoke.

Avoid coffee

Excessive consumption of coffee is harmful to those who suffer from the heat. It can in fact cause sleep disturbances and tachycardia. Better to choose natural drinks with a lot of effects similar to caffeinesuch as ginseng, guarana and eleutherococcus.

Notice what you’re wearing

Often when it’s hot we tend to just undress and wear the first thing that happens to us without considering an essential factor: fabrics. The garments in acrylic or nylon materials in fact they cause an increase in body temperature. To keep your skin fresh, it would be better to choose linen or cotton items.

Get out at the right times

If you expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours, your perception of the temperature will be greater. Avoid go out between 11am and 6pmif you are forced to do so, don’t forget dark glasses, sunscreen and of course a hat (how about a white panama?) to shield the rays.

Pamper your legs

In the summer, the feeling of heavy legs gives us no respite and is difficult to counter. To effectively combat this annoying inconvenience, immerse your feet in a basin with water, baking soda and coarse salt. The night keep your legs elevated using a pillow, while on vacation you use the sea like a Spa, walking on the water’s edge with your ankles in the water for a draining and relaxing massage.

Change your workout routine

When the heat arrives, be sure to change your daily exercise routine. Move your exercises to the evening or early in the morning, when the sun is more forgiving. Stay hydrated between one exercise and anotheralso integrating the lost mineral salts.

Don’t forget the skin

In the shower, soothe your skin using super effective natural remedies. Mix honey and yogurt to create a soft cream to spread all over the body, harness the power of coconut oil and aloe vera to create a lotion to spray at will whenever you feel hot.

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