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Traction or resorbable threads: because they are the alternative to lifting – iO Donna

C.known as a less invasive alternative to facelifts, i pulling wires they are a medical aesthetic treatment that allows you to have “anti – gravity” features, through a lifting of tissues without fillers.

Professor Sergio Noviello, cosmetic surgeon and director of Milano Estetica, reveals everything you need to know about this technique.

Traction or resorbable threads, what they are in aesthetic medicine

THE traction or resorbable threads I am a medical facility used for many years in general surgery and now adapted for face and body aesthetic medicine treatments. The most common are the so-called “Wires in PDO”i.e. polydioxanone, a biodegradable, versatile and resistant synthetic polymer.

The spectacular “lifting effect” make-up created with adhesive threads for the Givenchy Fall / Winter 2014-2015 fashion show.

«Today they exist on the market either biostimulating threads that promote toning and reduce fine wrinkles, indicated above all in the case of younger patients, both pulling wires for a non-surgical facelift, in cases where skin sagging is already present “. explains Dr. Noviello.

“This process can take place as a natural effect of gravity, for the bone reduction that occurs with aging, but also with changes in weight and weight loss ».

How the lifting effect thread treatment works

“THE PDO traction wires they are inserted into the deep connective tissue. Thanks to specific bi-directional micro plugs, they are then “hooked” at the subcutaneous level from where they raise volumes and sagging ».

After entering, «i threads are reabsorbed after a few monthsbut they maintain their effects for 12 months or more depending on the response of the organism ‘.

What results? «In some cases they can also be comparable to those of a surgical facelift, but with very fast recovery times and soft post-treatment “guarantees the doctor.

Face liposuction, all about the slimming and anti-aging procedure

Face liposuction, all about the slimming and anti-aging procedure

The traction threads offer several advantages: “no visible scar, treatment speed from 40 to 60 minutesminimal risks, negligible post-effects, limited to reduced swelling, pain and bruising, and appreciable results immediately after the procedure “.

Fundamental «contact specialized doctors with experience and in-depth anatomical skills to minimize the risk of any complications “.

The biostimulating threads, used as prevention

“In case of moderate skin laxities, exist asome ranges of non-lifting traction threads, but biostimulants: they do not raise volumes but only stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to help younger patients to fight the first signs of aging »continues Noviello.

«The treatment, however, can offer good results even in patients with more serious skin sagging“.

Face and body, where absorbable threads can be used

Not just face. Some areas of the body can also benefit from positioning of wires in PDO, especially for biostimulating purposes.

Between these, there poorly toned skin on the inside of the arms, on the inside of the thighs and areas above the knee.

“The type and number of threads necessary to perform the treatment are discussed and agreed with the patient at a preliminary stage, explaining the pros and cons and carefully evaluating the objectives to be achieved”.

Combinable with other treatments

Traction threads can also be combined with other non-invasive procedures such as hyaluronic acid filler or hydroxyapatite of football to plump or with high-intensity ultrasound to stimulate the production of collagen ».

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For the maintenance of results, they can prove useful filler And botox. While, as regards the cost, it varies from 450 euros for the bio-revitalizing threads and 1,200 for the traction threads», Concludes the expert.


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