Tips to match the watch to your look – PinkItalia

Tips to match the watch to your look - PinkItalia

One of the secrets for a perfect outfit is to be able to matching clothes and accessories correctly: a simpler operation said than done. Choosing the right accessories for your look, in fact, is not easy, because the risk of making some mistakes is always around the corner.

L’clock it’s a essential element to complete many outfits, but how to create an impeccable match? Here are some tips from the experts at Capital Timemanufacturers of quality watches with a sophisticated design.

Coordinating watches with clothes: some considerations

Until the 60s of the last century it was essential to make sure that each item in your outfit was perfectly coordinated from the point of view of color; starting from the following decade, together with the breaking of many taboos, this myth also collapsed and the road to absolute freedom opened up regarding styles and colors of clothes and accessories. But fashion, as we know, evolves and, at the same time, returns cyclically, with the result that today the coordinated is back in the limelight again. The ideal outfit, therefore, requires that even the watches are perfectly matched with the rest of one’s outfit. An example? Pick up the color or material of clothes and bags thanks to the watch band or face.

Another solution is to opt for neighboring shades: clothes and watches of similar shades – but not the same – allow you to have an elegant and refined look with an extra touch of originality. To give a concrete example, you can wear a watch with a green tone dial combined with a green dress. Or, again, put a lilac-strap watch on your wrist and a pair of purple shoes on your feet. The secret to not making mistakes is to start from a common base and then play with shades. The result will be amazing!

The great return of the coordinated does not affect the possibility of playing with contrasts, both chromatic and tactile: a truly chic touch consists, for example, in combining a shiny and smooth surface, such as that of a watch, with a suede texture. The combination possibilities are many: all that remains is to choose the one that best suits the mood of the moment!

Matching colors and watches: the shocking effect

Fashion experts confirm it: there are those who play it safe, combining clothes and accessories in the name of balance and sobriety and there are those who, on the other hand, love to gamble, focusing everything onshocking effect.

What does it mean in practicality? Simple: we must not hesitate to wear watches with a particular design, which stands out unequivocally on the rest of the outfit. The models of the Goodluck collection by Capital Timefor example, with their colored straps, they can revive more classic or monochromatic outfits in an unprecedented way, because they create a light point (and a touch of joy) and give life to interesting combinations, such as the one obtained by combining a watch with a strap pink to a total black outfit.

The rule is easy: just choose a dark or neutral base for your look and then wear a contrasting colored watch to help enhance your outfit.

Watches and bracelets: the rules for a perfect coexistence

Another style doubt that plagues many is: bracelets and watches can coexist peacefully? The answer, very comforting for those who love both of these accessories, is yes. But with due attention.

For instance, when wearing a watch it is advisable to opt for a fine bracelet with an essential design. Those with a large band, in fact, would clash with the watch, ruining the entire outfit.

Another important precaution to follow is toavoid mixing materials: it is better to avoid combining a bracelet and a watch of different materials, such as steel and leather. It is also not recommended to combine gold and silver, except if you opt for jewels in which both colors are present. On the other hand, the myth according to which you cannot wear a precious watch in combination with an equally chic bracelet should be dispelled: what matters is not the importance of the accessory but the ability to match it!

Article written by PinkItalia editorial staff

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