• June 8, 2023

The Vatican, chastity before marriage: so the couple is happier – iO Woman

Lat the Vatican’s proposal on premarital chastity of the couple seems really anachronistic above all for boys, for whom sex always begins earlier. And as far as the recovery of this moral principle is now in contrast with the common mentalitythe Pope returns to praise the need in the process of building and enriching a relationship.

Sex: the rules to save the couple from betrayal (word of an expert!)

Sex: the rules to save the couple from betrayal (word of an expert!)

No sex before marriage: the Vatican says so

The Vatican document, entitled “Catechumenal itineraries for married life“, Where the new guidelines for preparing for marriage are drawn up, thus returning to a principle, precisely chastity, which must not be considered”as a negation, but as an authentic ally of love“.

For the Vatican, chastity even during marriage

The Vatican, moreover, does not stop at “before the wedding”, but he also recommends it within the marriage for “the importance of those values ​​and attentions it teaches: respect for others, the concern to never submit them to their desires, patience and gentleness with the spouse in moments of difficulty, physical and spiritual, the strength and self-control necessary in times of absence or illness of one of the spouses, etc. “.

Never divert attention to the couple

Many times, in fact, we always read in the document “it happens that the attention of young spouses is focused on work, on the need to earn and on children, by stopping to work on the quality of the mutual relationship and forgetting the presence of God in their love ».

For this reason «it is worthwhile to help young spouses to know how to find the time for deepen their friendship“. And, of course, “premarital chastity favors this path, pbecause it gives the new spouses time to be together, to get to know each other betterwithout immediately thinking about the procreation and growth of children “.

The separation: sometimes inevitable

In the document, however, there is also an important passage on how the Church should accompany married couples experiencing moments of crisis to help them recompose the break in progress.

And here, however, the Vatican seems to be much more open than it used to be. In fact, we read that “despite all the support that the Church can offer to couples in crisis, there are, however, situations in which separation is inevitable “, sometimes even” morally necessary “.

In particular in the case in which “it is a question of removing the weaker spouse, or small children, from the most serious injuries caused by arrogance and violencefrom degradation and exploitation, from strangeness and indifference ».

Opening but with limits therefore: the separation, in fact, for the Vatican, must in any case be considered “as a last resort, after any other reasonable attempt has proved in vain”.

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Vatican: chastity and a marriage diary

And again, just as a good couple counseling would recommend, among the various suggestions possible for the spouses, there is also that of keep a “Marriage Diary” for a sort of periodic verification of conjugal communion, in which to note joys and sufferings and everything that constitutes the concrete experience of the life of the spouses. Possibly without insults. But this is not written on the Vatican document.


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