• May 29, 2023

The cheapest recharge? It is that of home photovoltaics. Here’s how much you can save

ROME – With fuel prices skyrocketing, the search for alternative solutions to traditional fossil fuels is growing. While there is still a long way to go for hydrogen, electrification seems to be the most feasible current solution but, apart from the initial cost of the vehicle, which is still considered too high, the price at the energy column is also not very cheap. The best answer according to a recent study by Otovo, both from a financial point of view and from that of sustainability, is to use electricity produced through renewable sources. The study of the Norwegian company specializing in the installation of photovoltaic systems for domestic use, compared the cost per kilometer of a petrol car and an electric one powered by solar energy produced by the home system.

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The specialists therefore calculated that on an annual mileage of ten thousand kilometers, the average savings are currently greater than 1,250 euros in favor of the electric car. In detail, according to the study, the cost per kilometer of a car with an internal combustion engine is € 0.1359 (+ 15.6% compared to the value recorded by Otovo in the analysis last autumn), while it is 0. , 0084 euros for the car that benefits from solar energy. According to these figures, the annual cost is 1,359 euros for those who use a petrol car, while the drivers of electric vehicles who recharge through their home solar panels spend 84 euros, with a cost sixteen times lower.

The photovoltaic system allows for a stable supply of energy from a structural and economic point of view, favoring the practice of self-consumption and protecting users from the risk of increases in energy prices. Precisely in this sense, Otovo’s analysis considered the price of gasoline regulated with the cut in excise duties established by the support measure of the Italian government. Without this intervention it has been calculated that the cost would rise to 1,572 euros per year, which is why the electric car recharged through the domestic photovoltaic system would be 19 times cheaper than the petrol one.

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“The volatility of energy prices, linked above all to fossil fuels, has hit the domestic economy of Italian families hard – underlined Fabio Stefanini, general manager of Otovo Italia – It becomes strategic to focus on energy independence and renewable sources, reducing vulnerability and expenses. In this sense, photovoltaics are the reference technology to access the ecological transition quickly. And it is able to meet all types of energy needs, including those for mobility, guaranteeing significant economic savings, as this study demonstrates “.

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