• May 28, 2023

The 10 best-selling electric in the world

ROME – Last year the European automobile market stalled at 11.7 million (equivalent to a contraction of 1.7 percent and the lowest sales value since 1985) while both the United States and China managed to register small but significant increases in volumes despite logistical restrictions related to the pandemic, the semiconductor crisis and rising raw material costs.

The unfavorable historical circumstances did not therefore prevent the US from reaching 15 million cars delivered (+ 2.5% on 2020) while the great Asian nation did even better by closing 2021 with 26 million cars delivered (+ 3.5% on 2020). ). In both cases, the numerical growth has found partial support in the rapid rise of electrified propulsion so that the global top-ten of the best-selling Ev cars in the first quarter of 2022 is dominated by Tesla and almost exclusively made in China models. The ranking of this article takes into account the period January-April 2022 with statistics from the cleantechnica.com site.

1. Tesla Model Y: 186,500 units

Visually intriguing, very aerodynamic and just under 5 meters long, Elon Musk’s crossover has a range of about 530 km, a time of 5 seconds flat in 0-100 and a multimedia system full of video games and features unique to the American brand .

2. Tesla Model 3: 143,000

The compact full-electric of the Californian company has an attack price of 55,000 euros for the basic version with 351 horses (good for a time of 5.6 seconds in the 0-100 hours) and 53kWh battery to support an autonomy of about 450 km.

3. Wuling Hongguang Mini Ev: 127,540 units

The result of the collaboration with GM, the Chinese city-car is offered at a price just over 4,000 euros (28,800 yuan) and in Beijing and its surroundings, it travels at a rate of 40,000 models sold per month. The car could arrive in Europe under the name of FreZe Nikrob Ev.

4. BYD Song Pro: 41,720 units

Equipped with the innovative 30.7kWh or 44.9kWh Blade batteries in a cell-to-pack configuration, the basic version of the 4-meter long compact car has an attack price of around 15,000 euros, 95 horsepower and 300 km of range. .

5. BYD Han Ev: 39,445 sold

The Chinese luxury sedan with front or all-wheel drive also uses the functional architecture of the batteries (65 or 77kWh) to free up space in the interior and provide a minimum declared range of 506km. Prices start at 45,000 euros and the most powerful version boasts a time of 3.9 seconds, in the 0-100 range.

6. Volkswagen ID4: 36,240 units

Comfortable, hi-tech and with 480 km of declared autonomy, the first European car in the standings is the compact Ev from Wolfsburg with price lists starting at 47,200 euros. The batteries range from 52-82 kWh and the basic version called “Pure Performance” is powered by 170 horsepower sent to the rear wheels only.

7. Hyunday Ioniq 5: 36.025 unit

Particularly appreciated for its design and efficiency, the electric crossover of the Korean house starts at 42,750 euros. The entry-level version is powered by 170 horsepower (reaching 325 in the 4-wheel drive version) and the range is 480 km with a 72.6kWh battery, or 384km with a 58kWh battery.

8. Chery QQ Ice Cream: 35,191 units

The name evokes a cherry ice cream, the aesthetics winks at the female audience and the price is just 39,000 yuan (about 5,600 euros). The boxy Chinese city-car has scooter batteries (8.8kWh) but by virtue of its super-mini size, the range reaches 120 km.

9. Changan Benni Ev: 32,852 units

Offered at just under 10,000 euros, the “Benni” is a Chinese segment b car with 32.2kWh batteries, 75 horsepower from the electric motor located on the front axle, and a declared range of 300 km.

10. BYD Qin Plus Ev: 31,869 units

Born to become a zero-emission best-seller, the third top-ten model for the Shenzen Byd Auto house costs 19,990 euros and is considered in China a valid and much more accessible alternative to the Tesla Model 3. The 47.5kWh batteries , allow you to travel about 400 km on a recharge.

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