• May 29, 2023

Summer 2022 shorts, how to combine them for every age | iO Woman

THEThe worry of every woman in the summer, at all ages? Uncover the legs. For those who are 50 or 40 years old shorts they are a difficult obstacle to overcome. But often even at 30 or 20, shorts are a problem. It is not a question of physique, rather of self confidence. Proudly displaying your imperfections no longer has to be taboo: the truth is that there are no rules on which shorts to wear, but only trends to follow in terms of shorts for Summer 2022 and outfits from which to take inspiration to match them with style.

Here are 5 ideas for the hot season that lose in centimeters, but not in elegance.

Shorts and shorts, with style after 50: the right models

Shorts and shorts, with style after 50: the right models

20 years: never without denim shorts

At twenty the watchword is to dare. Whatever the build, youth is a beautiful time: to be enhanced in a pair of summer denim shorts. Short or very short, frayed or classic: to be made refined with a graphic t-shirt, high sneakers and a blazer oversize.

shorts summer 2022

At 20, every day in denim shorts (Photo: Humberto Carreno / INSTARimages.com / IPA).

30 years: biker in a casual chic key

30, the age of awareness. Women at this point in their life know what she gives and what she doesn’t. And there is no reason not to follow the biggest trend of the season, the model shorts biker shorts: ideal with a chic cardigan, long to cover the hips or short according to taste. The mid-leg length allows you to feel more confident, and are always comfortable.

shorts summer 2022

The sophisticated look with biker shorts, ideal for women in their thirties (Photo: Christopher Peterson / SplashNews.com / IPA).

40 years: sporty and masculine, with a shirt

To wear sports shorts at 40, just avoid riding the wave of the 2000s and 90s in vogue among very young girls and combine a White shirt, inside and outside the shore. The perfect model for Summer 2022? Mid-thigh, jogger, in technical fabric or soft cotton. On the feet: the classic flat sandals with hyper-comfortable buckles.

shorts summer 2022

Wide and practical, absolutely trendy 2022: the perfect sports shorts at 40 (Photo: Raymond Hall / GC Images / Getty Images).

50 years: bon ton and high-waisted, total black

Wear the shorts at 50 in the office in Summer 2022? Well, you can. Especially for those who play a prominent role, everything is also allowed in the look. And the shorts become a valid substitute for the usual pencil skirt. The secret is to focus on a non-compelling model, from tailored cut and wide: to each the choice whether or not to reveal the knees. To be combined with a blouse with a pair of refined slingbacks.

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shorts summer 2022

THE black shorts, a perfect classic at 50 (Photo: Amanda Schwab / Startraksphoto.com / IPA).

An ideal look also for the post meetingan aperitif and free time: just change the shoes.


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