• June 5, 2023

Simone Cristicchi and Amara in ‘We will be back again – mystical concert’, the show for Franco Battiato

Simone Cristicchi And Bitterpseudonym of Erika Mineowith arrangements, piano and musical direction by Valter Sivilottiwill play their national premiere on June 19 at the Roman Theater as part of the Beauty Festival for a tribute to the maestro Franco Battiato (Wednesday 15 June in Salsomaggiore, the preview at the Summer Arena). A musical journey in search of the essence in the confusion of modernity, ‘a mystical and sensual rapture’, so necessary in this time in which we live. We will be back again – mystical concert for Battiato is the new project of the two artists, for the first time together on stage, organized by International Music and Arts and inspired by the mystical repertoire of the Sicilian singer-songwriter.

The opportunity is to rediscover a precious legacy in a new guise arranged by the master Valter Sivilotti. Anticipated from the zero date on June 15 in Salsomaggiore (Summer Arena), the tour, to which new dates will be added, will have its national premiere on June 19 in Verona, to continue on July 5 in Rome (Casa del Jazz, for Concerts in the Park); on 9 July in Località Fontanelle (per RisorgiMarche, between the municipalities of Sarnano and Amandola); on 16 July in Azzano Decimo (Music Fair); on 11 August in Sirolo (Arena Parco Repubblica) and on 28 August in Torre Del Lago (Giacomo Puccini open-air theater).

“In your opinion, who is your audience? Battiato asked me in 2007. I replied I don’t know …”, he says Cristicchi“and he replied: it’s not a question of quality or numbers. Your audience is people who love you. As many or as few, it makes no difference, your audience is made up of entities that vibrate at the same frequency as you, and with whom you connect through what you express with your art, and there are few artists like Franco Battiatocapable with their works of sew earth and skyreaching the rare harmony capable of awakening and caressing the soul, a Pilgrim of the Absolute and revolutionary of music, has left an inestimable heritage, in which a profound spiritual tension is combined with the song form: from universal prayer The shadow of the Light to the poignant The curepassing through And I come to look for you as far as We will come back againhis last recorded piece and not surprisingly the title chosen for the concert “.

Musicultura, Ruggeri and Cristicchi guests in Recanati of the Festival of the Popular Song of the Author

by Cecilia Cirinei

“It is the freedom that I have always admired in Battiato – he continues Cristicchi – I owe him a lot, I owe a lot to his infinite grace, to his way of conceiving art as a mission to help the growth and spiritual evolution of one’s contemporaries. Battiato is a point of no return: there is a before and after him, no one else. He was the only cantor of a divine who never knew about incense and sacristies. With this project I feel the emotion and the privilege of interpreting together with Bitter his mystical repertoire, and immerse myself even more deeply in those messages that cross the boundaries of time “.

“Traveling in the awareness of Battiato’s clear conscience was like pushing myself beyond the boundaries, an elevation to new frequencies, other codes, other certainties, high visions of the self and of the surrounding reality – – underlines Bitter – a radical transmutation, I would say, for those like me who are looking for truth and new horizons to cross. Thanks to Franco I understood that it is only by going beyond oneself that one can achieve that Center of gravity permanent that we seek so much “.

The master accompanies the two artists on stage Valter Sivilotti at the piano and the soloists of the Naonis Academy of Pordenone (Lucia Clonfero, Igor Dario, Alan Dario, UT Gandhi, Franca Drioli). Some readings from the masters who influenced Battiato’s thought alternate the execution of the pieces: Rumi, Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi, Willigis Jager and the theologian Guidalberto Bormolini. “Getting close to a giant like Battiato is not an easy task. Simone Cristicchi And Bitter they have the depth of mind necessary to successfully face this challenge – he says Franz Cattinifounder of Imarts and historical manager of Franco Battiato – the mystical concert We will come back againfar from a sterile celebration, it aims to become a musical liturgy, on the trail of the unfathomable mystery of Being before the Divine “.

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