• May 28, 2023

Read to RepIdee: “Assisted suicide, the law immediately. Parliament continues to be in hiding”

In the center, the “campo largo”. Enrico Letta interviewed by Maurizio Molinari And Giuseppe Conte from Stefano Cappellini guests of the first day of the Republic of Ideas. Politics is the protagonist of the three days in Bologna, between the first round of administrative elections and referendums and the second rounds of June 26th.

The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, spoke on the case of Federico Carboni, the 44-year-old quadriplegic from Senigallia (Ancona), the first person in Italy to obtain medically assisted suicide. “It is a strong story, which questions us all and which tells us how politics, Parliament and the laws are behind schedule. Today’s history shows that we must deal with rights while dealing with something else. It means making a country modern who understands what the points of advancement are. It took the Constitutional Court, which did its job well. Parliament, which continues to hiding, was not as well. Constitutional. There is full and total commitment of the Democratic Party to ensure that this proposal becomes law. If this legislature ended without the norm on assisted suicide it would be a total shame. Whoever tackles these issues in a coarse way, campaigning for us, raising the bar. toni, is very wrong “. Still on the subject of rights, the leader of the Democratic Party added: “Parliament must legislate on the Ius Scholae. We must look to the future, not to look at how Italy was yesterday. If you take the Zan bill, you will find that that theme is a large majority among the 18-year-olds, while struggling among the more advanced generations. Our country must accompany these changes and transitions. The last thing we need are speeches like the one I heard in Andalusia by Giorgia Meloni. Unlistenable phrases. An Italy that remains anchored to how we were and that does not realize that it is a necessity to meet the needs that question us all. Here there is all the difference between those who look to the future and those who look back, between right and left “.

Letta also spoke about the June 21 vote in the Senate, on the occasion of the resolution on Ukraine after the premier’s communications Mario Draghi. “The presence of Draghi in international politics is a step forward of enormous proportions. Next Tuesday we have to listen to Draghi in Parliament: the most natural thing to do would be to vote on a document which simply says that Draghi’s initiative is supported ”. As for Ukraine’s accession to the EU, according to Letta “if the European Council were to leave next week and the news were not that Ukraine is a candidate for EU membership, but that Europe has postponed, it would be a very hard blow. But the message that arrives today and that Europe is getting closer to that gesture. Today-she said commenting on the photo of Dragons with Macron And Scholz – he gave himself a strong message, also because Italy was the country that pushed the most to give the status of candidate country to Ukraine, which does not mean its entry tomorrow morning, but the political recognition of candidate status “.

On alliances and on the wide field, Letta recalled “the two political adventures of Romano Prodi, those of the two defeats of the center-right. One of these built the idea of ​​a new and modern Italy. I am tied to the idea of ​​the Olive tree and of Prodi’s victory in 1996: the center-left wins if he has a more advanced idea of ​​the future and not if he puts together another piece of the puzzle. I will not go looking for every piece of the puzzle, but I will put in place the best ideas and energies to work on the best future for our country. We will do it with whoever wants to be with us. To build the opposite of the yes and no list of Giorgia Meloni“.

The secretary of the Democratic Party also spoke on the package of EU measures against climate change, “Fit for 55”. “Our kids tell us we can’t stop, that we have to move on. The squares full of beautiful boys, 16-year-olds who for the first time invaded the squares for a noble cause tell us this. Alongside this theme of redistribution there is obviously the theme of transitions. One of the important steps taken in the European parliament was the amendment on the motor valley – We must have achievable goals and govern transitions. To do this, a public hand is needed to accompany companies in this transition. The carbon tax entered by Paolo Gentiloni in the Fit for 55 it is absolutely fundamental, it is part of the package and it is important to have it approved ”.

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