Night before exams. On the new Robinson dedicated to maturity

Night before exams.  On the new Robinson dedicated to maturity

The cover of Robinson on newsstands from Saturday 18 June. It begins with a tale of Francesco Piccolo which retraces the rites and the epic, from the race to guess the traces to the true obsession of the students of all schools: the internal members and the external members, up to the wonderful “after” that is about to begin. Silvia Ronchey instead it recalls a very particular Greek test: that of Sigmund Freud. We are in 1873 and at maturity the father of psychoanalysis, then seventeen years old, came across the tragedy of Sophocles and the great Greek hero Oedipus around whom all his revolutionary theory of the unconscious will revolve. In the end, Chiara Valerio he explains that life is also mathematics and how algorithms, models, statistics and probabilities are used to make us stay together with others, to immerse ourselves in life and to live it fully.

Like every week, there is no shortage of chronicles from the Bataclan of Emmanuel Carrère. Among the reviews to the books coming out this week, however, to report that of Melania Mazzucco a The invisible woman (Bottega Errante Edizioni) of the Croatian writer Slavenka Drakulic: sixteen portraits of women struggling with the onset of the third age, ruthless stories that describe a condition of invisibility. While Michela Marzano read for us Everybody from Olivia Laing (the Assayer), subtitle: A book about bodies and freedom. Susanna Nirenstein reviews instead A friend of Kafka’s of the Nobel Prize Isaac Bashevis Singer: twenty-one personal stories, retranslated and published in Italy by Adelphi. The writer to be rediscovered this week instead by popular demand of readers is Ermanno Reaof which Paolo Di Paolo tells us everything.

In the pages aimed at children, the protagonist is the Trans-Siberian, the fabulous train that from Moscow to Vladivostock crosses two worlds and has inspired cinema, literature and photography. Now a splendid volume of Russian authors, entitled precisely Trans-Siberian. Everyone on board! (brought to Italy by Donzelli), rich in data, testimonies and images, it tells the unique charm even to the little ones. We met the illustrator, Anna Desnitskaya, who since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine has left Moscow and lives in Israel. She tells Ilaria Zaffino about her choice and explains how this book was born, also thanks to the help of many small exceptional chroniclers. She always turns to the youngest Diary of a swallow also by the Russian writer and an ornithologist of international fame Pavel Kvartalnov (Caissa Italia publisher) who read Claudia Morgoglione for us.

The art pages are dedicated to Caravaggio to which homage is paid to Venice where, in Malta Pavilion at the BiennaleArcangelo Sassolino dialogues with the artist’s most impressive work, the “Beheading” preserved in Valletta: Lara Crinò then takes us on an exciting journey between the island of the knights and the lagoon. While in the comics a hundred years after the birth of Charles Schulz at the Royal Palace of Venaria 685 first pages of the monthly that changed the idea of ​​comics in Italy will be exhibited, as Luca Valtorta tells us.

Finally, the Straparlando is with Sandro Luporini, artist and memorable writer of the texts of Giorgio Gaber.

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