• May 28, 2023

Losing weight with grandma’s remedies, here’s how – PinkItalia

Grandma is always right, this is now a fact. We know that ancient advice is the most effective, and this also happens when it comes to weight loss. Obviously the classic grandmother’s remedies cannot be a substitute for a diet but they can facilitate it, make it even more effective and lead to the desired results. Sometimes all that is missing is good will, or that input that makes us feel enthusiastic about what we are doing: hence, popular wisdom is able to give us the tricks and tips to do things properly. Either way, whatever your goal, ours are just little tricks that will allow you to manage weight and lose weight faster. Let’s see together the advice of the grandmother, it being understood that for any other suggestion in this regard you can also visit the site dimagrireduepuntozero.com.

Water and lemon

Have you ever heard of hot lemon water? Drink a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon, every morning on an empty stomach helps you to dispose of excess waste and promote intestinal transit. Alternatively, you can always flavor natural water (at least one liter) with a lemon, keep it in a bottle and sip it at room temperature throughout the day. This will favor diuresis, and consequently you will have a positive effect on abdominal swelling.

The pepper

Like chilli, pepper it is one of the most effective slimming spices ever. In fact, in addition to flavoring our dishes, it has a thermogenic power. In other words, it is an effect by which the body tends to heat up and therefore the metabolism burns fat and calories more easily. Obviously, avoiding salt in dishes and favoring pepper will give you the double benefit of urinating and losing weight

Apple cider vinegar

Not everyone knows but apple cider vinegar it is excellent for promoting the expulsion of lipid excesses from our body. Having a much sweeter and more delicate flavor than classic wine vinegar, you will have less hesitation in consuming it in small sips on an early morning fasting: yes, only in this way can you benefit from its slimming power. Also keep in mind that apple cider vinegar is a marvel of vitamins and mineral salts, which in combination with each other help to dispose of the fat deposits that are created in the body. It could therefore be taken in the morning, perhaps diluted in a nice glass of warm water (to sweeten the flavor you can also add a little honey). It should be drunk about half an hour before breakfast, to promote metabolic functioning.

Green tea

In the East they already use it as fresh water, but we too are now becoming more aware of the importance of green tea, this drink in fact helps to discourage abdominal swelling, facilitating diuresis and intestinal regularity. In this way the process of assimilation of beneficial substances is made easier and the elimination of toxins is faster.


Although it is very sweet and sugary, the honey it can also help you lose weight. It is an excellent substitute for industrial sugar, which avoids the assimilation of fat. Furthermore, if you dissolve a teaspoon in hot water and lemon, the metabolism will work faster.


Last but not least, the grandmothers suggest parsley. This aromatic plant promotes diuresis and therefore counteracts water retention. At the same time it also counteracts the accumulation in our bodies of all those fats ingested, indeed it works so that fats are synthesized in cells. At the same time it keeps blood sugar levels at bay, which also helps you stay away from snacking snacks.

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