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The Italian institutions it is the organs of the state that create, organize, impose and apply rules and laws guaranteeing the economic and financial stability and safety of citizens. They are directly linked to politics and deal with issues that affect all areas of society, from health, law to the economy and culture which includes the management of the environment as a whole.

The Italian institutions they are therefore the cornerstone of democracy, they are elected and controlled by political parties representing the population. In addition to determining the rules that allow civil coexistence and health safety, they are concerned with protecting the integrity of the political and social system, enforcing the laws and promoting development in terms of education and the economy.


Italian institutions and politics

The efficiency of Italian institutions it is indispensable to implement reforms capable of favoring economic, social and cultural development, guaranteeing the right assistance to all sections of the population. Effective governing bodies make it possible to improve the functioning of the administration in every area of ​​daily life, and for businesses to develop with obvious repercussions on work and employment.

It is important that the Italian institutions enjoy trust and prestige also at an international level to keep public debt under control and attract foreign investments. If the bitter political conflict present in Italy as in all countries of the world does not make things easier, still pggo creates the political uncertainty that undermines the foundations of national institutions, creating a negative spiral in terms of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Italian government institutions

Depending on the political model adopted, each nation has specific organizations suitable for the functioning of the state in its relationship with local and international realities. Here is a list of the Italian institutions.

Quirinale Official site of the Presidency of the Republic which describes the activity of the Head of State, the symbols of the Republic, the history of the Quirinale Palace

Italian Government The information and communication activity of the government in office, with news on the Prime Minister, Vice President of the Council, ministers, deputy ministers and undersecretaries, information on the constitution, structure and function of the government and historical news on Italian governments and government institutions from 1943 to today

Chamber of Deputies Activities in the Assembly and in the Commissions of the Parliament, documents and events of the Chamber and all other information on Deputies, functions of Parliamentary Bodies, Councils and Commissions

Senate of the Republic Offers information of an informative nature both on its functions, on its composition, and on the work of the Senate with activities and laws promulgated

Superior Council of the Judiciary Official site of the CSM with the latest publications, news, documentation, judicial offices throughout Italy and much more

Regions Site of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, political coordination body between the Presidents of the Regional Councils and the Autonomous Provinces

Municipalities It offers services to citizens such as utilities and certificates, contains forums on city realities and civic networks on the internet

Constitutional Court Judgments and ordinances, of the Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic, works, documentation and Links to foreign constitutional justice bodies

Bank of Italy Official site where you can find news and information on the functions of Bankitalia, the nation’s central bank

Italian ministries

THE Italian ministries are the control bodies of government activities that act as an intermediary between the State and the citizen. Lots of information on what it means to work in a ministry and how the government structure is organized starting with the incumbent Prime Minister. What are the functions, tasks and history of a pivotal institution in Italian politics

Public Education MIUR, Ministry of Education University Research contains news and information divided into thematic areas dedicated to students, families, school staff and administrators

Economy & Finance Divided into 4 departments: State General Accounting, Treasury, General Administration, Fiscal Policies, deals with establishing the guidelines of the economic-financial policy of the State and developing employment policies

Ministry of Health Central body of the National Health Service, has functions in the field of human health protection, coordination of the national health system, veterinary health, health protection in the workplace, hygiene and food safety

Ministry of Labor Planning, development, coordination and evaluation of labor and employment policies, professional training, social security, occupational safety are some of the areas of its competence

Cultural Heritage Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, deals with the various skills in the field of culture, entertainment, landscape protection and supervision of sports organizations

Public function Minister for Public Administration and Simplification makes use of the functions of the two former Public Function, Innovation and Technologies departments

Environment Ministry of the Environment and the protection of the territory and the sea, deals with control and defense of the territory, environmental protection, sustainable development, training and education

Interior Implementation body of the government’s internal policy, the Ministry of the Interior oversees the police forces, dealing with compliance with laws, the fight against crime and the protection of citizens’ safety

Defense The site of the Ministry of Defense deals with the military and civil administration of the Italian defense and national defense programs

Justice The Ministry of Justice oversees the judicial organization, personnel and services, carries out administrative functions related to the judicial function in both the civil and criminal fields.

Foreign The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the government’s foreign policy implementation body, deals with the problems of Italian citizens outside the borders and promotes decisions in the field of international politics

Agricultural Policies The Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies elaborates and coordinates agricultural, forestry, agri-food and fishing policies at national, European and international level

Infrastructure Transport The functions relating to infrastructure and transport have been divided between two different ministries that deal with major works, water resources, the fight against unauthorized building, roads

Economic Development Telecommunications, information, internet, the radio and television sector and the postal sector concern this ministry which groups together the functions of the previous ministry of foreign trade and the department of community policies and is divided into three general directions: internationalization policies, politics trade and trade promotion

Italian public bodies

In Italy we often talk about bureaucracy in negative terms and the Bodies are cited as useless and expensive offices. Some are essential to ensure the functioning of things as a filter between the state, citizens and businesses. In the digital age, many of their businesses have moved online: no queues and counter services. To get the certificates just a click, or at least hopefully. Here is where to find all the information according to the practice and bureaucratic need, case by case.

Istat National Institute of Statistics, a public research body since 1926, formally autonomous. It carries out surveys, studies and analyzes aimed at the needs and consumption of the community. On the website Istat data and indices of monetary revaluation, survey and price trends

Inail, the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work, is the one that deals with the protection of workers and the reduction of accidents; insures workers who carry out activities at risk; guarantees reintegration into working life of the injured at work

Iss Higher Institute of Health. It is the main organ of the national health service.

Asi Italian Space Agency, a public body supported by a university for space science.

Cnr National Research Council, the largest Italian research institution in technological sciences.

Enea Body for new technologies, energy and the environment. He deals with sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable sources.

Ice National Institute for Foreign Trade. It has the task of promoting Italy’s trade exchanges with the rest of the world.

Ipzs Polygraphic Institute and State Mint. It prints coins, stamps, deals with vehicle license plates and anti-counterfeiting and safety regulations.

Customs agency It carries out control activities. It deals with issues related to the exchange of goods with the rest of the world

Coni National Olympic Committee. It deals with organizing professional sports activities that take place in Italy

Citizen services

The most important administrative resources to turn to for practices and documents on pensions, taxes, pensions but also emergencies and much more. Where to find forms for citizens in all the most varied fields of public services: self-certifications, request for documents, appeals, documents, finances, electricity bills, post offices, highways and rescue.

Inps National Social Security Institute, the largest of the Italian social security institutions to which employees of the private and public sector and most of the self-employed are insured. On the site circulars, calculation of social security contributions and news on the subject of retirement

Agenzia delle Entrate Portal of the financial administration, provides information relating to the tax system and its administration and application, both at the state level and at the regional, local and international level

Poste Italiane The services of the largest Italian postal company, once a state body that managed postal and telegraph services on behalf of the state in a monopoly, today organized as a joint stock company

Enel One of the main public services, information, statistical data on the Italian electricity production company. In addition to information on the bill, Plus cultural events, games and more

Aci promotes development through the dissemination of a new culture of mobility, is part of the country’s public administrations within the sector of non-economic public bodies

Autostrade Group In first place in Europe among the concessionaires for the construction and management of toll highways and related services, it manages a network that extends for 3,408 km

Forestry Corps The site of the police force whose purpose is the protection of the natural and landscape heritage and the prevention of environmental and agri-food crimes

118 Italy Portal of the emergency health service: 118 operational centers, ambulance helicopter rescue and other information

Privacy Guarantor The activity of the Guarantor concerns every sector of the social, economic and cultural life of the country in which the need for personal data protection has arisen: public administrations, health, work, credit and insurance, journalism, telecommunications, video surveillance, marketing

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