“Io sono Tempesta”, on Rai 1 the film with Marco Giallini and Elio Germano – iO Donna

"Io sono Tempesta", on Rai 1 the film with Marco Giallini and Elio Germano - iO Donna

Lfor life always presents the bill. I am stormthe 2018 film by Daniele Luchetti aired tonight from 21.20 on Rai 2, he remembers it from the opening bars to the credits. Thanks to one captivating story and the masterful interpretation of the protagonists, Marco Giallini and Elio Germano.

'I am Storm'.  The exclusive clip with Marco Giallini

'I am Storm'.  The exclusive clip with Marco Giallini

I am Stormthe plot

Numa Tempesta (Marco Giallini) is a wealthy businessman, whose main activity revolves around the management of a fund of one and a half billion euros. He has no fixed abode because he lives in the hotels that, from time to time, he buys and he spends his life in the most unbridled luxuryregardless of what happens outside its bubble.

Shortly before concluding an agreement to build a city in Kazakhstan, he comes convicted of a tax offense committed a few years earlier. To avoid jail time, he serves his sentence in a cooperative that offers assistance to the homeless. The first impact with social services, however, is not simple.

Does not connect with those who frequent the center e refuses to have to do the humblest jobs. To add further impatience, the relationship with Angela (Eleonora Danco)the manager, who does not take a liking to him for the haughty attitude he adopts towards anyone.

I am storm plots marco giallini helium germane

Elio Germano. (01 Distribution)

Numa and Bruno, friendship beyond appearances

In this chaos, it makes its way the relationship with Bruno (Elio Germano), homeless with a dependent son, Nicola (Francesco Gheghi), as well as a regular visitor to the center after his divorce from his ex-wife. Between a fight and a confidence boost, Tempesta and Bruno will become a point of reference for each other.

The harmony between the two means that, little by little, Numa also opens up to the rest of the guests, who will begin to appreciate it and with whom a friendship will be established. However, the entrepreneur’s stay at the center starts to create problems for him at work. The agreement with Kazakhstan is in danger of falling apart precisely because of the sentence and around him a void begins to be created.

Friends, colleagues, investors: they all disappear and the good Storm will have to figure out how to move to save what can be saved. Thanks to a little luck and a good dose of cunning, he could carry out his plan, but that may not necessarily be possible. Life always presents the bill, it was said, and Numa is not exempt.

Marco Giallini, Elio Germano and the nuances of life

Poverty and wealth, injustice and the desire to deceive others. I am Storm shows the details of the company. On the one hand, i losers: those who have been unjustly oppressed and defeated by life, who see a possibility of redemption ever more distant. On the other, arrogance and a sense of impunity of those who have managed – in a more or less lawful way – to get rich and believe themselves invincible.

I am storm plots marco giallini helium germane

Marco Giallini. (01 Distribution)

Marco Giallini and Elio Germano they give life to two characters as distant and different as they are articulated. Despite the obvious rift, show strengths and weaknesses of both. The film, in fact, is a constant reference to nuances. Not everything is black or white and the relationship between Numa and Bruno, as well as the harmony that is created with the other guests of the cooperative, stimulate a broader reflection.

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Although the register is that of comedy, the themes dealt with are reminiscent of the drama, but on the whole they do not weigh down the story. Indeed, the well-balanced tones and dialogues are the right expedient to give lightness to the story.


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