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P.o a few days ago it was inaugurated a Fly the first fast food instead of McDonald’sa multinational that has decided to leave Russia. Now also Ikea is ready to follow this same path. The Swedish company will in fact sell all of its factories present in the country.

Ikea says goodbye to the Russian market

The decision to leave the country comes as a reaction after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. At the time of the invasion, the Swedish giant had opted for a suspension of its activities in the country and in Belarus.

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But now an even stronger communication has come: it’s time for Ikea to bid farewell to the Russian market.

In Russia they protest against the war in Ukraine: hundreds of people arrested

In Russia they protest against the war in Ukraine: hundreds of people arrested

On March 3, the Swedish giant suspended operations in Russia and Belarus

A note from the company explains the reasons. «Last March 3, Inter IKEA Group and Ingka Group announced the suspension of Ikea’s operations in Russia and Belarus, due to the war in Ukraine. Since that time it has been a priority to deliver support and safety to colleagues and company groups were able to vouch six months’ salary to all workers. In addition to all essential benefits“.

And goes on. “Unfortunately, the circumstances have not improved. The devastating war continues. Businesses and supply chains around the world have been severely affected and it does not seem to us that it is possible to resume operations in a short time ».

“As a consequence of all this, Inter IKEA Group and Ingka Group have thus decided to enter a new phase to further downsize their business in Russia and Belarus“.

Many workers will be affected

How will this change of course take place? «The IKEA Retail business will remain at a standstill and the workforce will be reduced. This means that many colleagues will be affected“.

It is also expected the sale of the four factories Russians. «The Industry business owned by Inter IKEA in Russia will reduce the workforce and start a process of finding new ownership for all four factories“.

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Finally, the choices on import and export. «The import and export of Ikea products to and from Russia and Belarus will remain firm. The two purchasing and logistics offices (in Moscow and Minsk, ed) they will close permanently. This process is already in progress“.


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