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How to position a website on search engines - PinkItalia

For companies and professionals, the opportunities to obtain greater are becoming more and more important as regards the current market visibility on the internet. To do this, it is advisable to implement all those strategies for a better positioning of the company website on Google. Those who have a commercial activity, those who work on the web, but also those who deal with the sale of products through physical stores: it is undeniable that it is currently becoming increasingly important to look out on the internet. An SEO strategy, conducted with the help of professions operating in the sector, can help. Let’s see what it is and how to best position a website to increase the number of visitors and that of potential clients.

The structure of the site

It is very important, among the SEO techniques to promote positioning, to pay attention to the internal structure of the site. In fact, from this point of view it is essential to do onpage SEO to position a website.

All of this means distributing the i well internal links, in order to create a meaningful structure for the search engines. You can of course also do SEO off page, trying to be able to acquire links to which the most important sites refer, related by topic and authoritative. This is also a signal that increases the authority of the site in the eyes of Google.

The search for keywords

SEO is essentially based onkeyword analysis. In fact, an SEO expert must study the most important keywords for which you want to rank. In fact, keywords should not be chosen at random, but must be relevant to user searches.

In this sense it is said in technical jargon that the keywords used must satisfy theresearch intent. In fact, let’s not forget that Google’s goal is always to give the user the best possible result, which is relevant to what the user himself has been looking for to satisfy a need.

The creation of effective content

Very important for SEO positioning are the creation and publication of effective content. We should always aim for quality contentwhich are interesting for the user and therefore also for search engines.

The particularly significant contents are very welcome and can really represent a point of reference to be able to climb high in the serp. Of course, the content that is published on a site must also contain the most important keywords, repeated at least two or three times.

However, everything must be distributed in a manner very natural, trying to use synonyms and other words that fall into the same semantic field as the topic being treated. You must avoid doing keyword stuffing, that is to repeat keywords automatically for many times within the text, because this could lead to penalties by Google.

Social signals

Also social network they represent indispensable tools for promoting content on the web. Among other things, Google also greatly appreciates what are defined as social signals, that is, signals that come from social media, when we publish and share some site content on social networks.

These social signals can also play an important role in influencing the positioning of a site on search engines. So sharing posts on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin is welcome.

The importance of the loading system

It is also very important to favor the positioning of the content and web pages that the site is fast in loading. Finally, let’s not forget that a good optimization job must also be carried out, so that the site is perfectly visible even via mobile devices, offering an always adequate user experience.

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