• May 28, 2023

How to choose the right carpet to enhance any room – Donnamoderna

P.to customize our home without investing a big budget? Yes, thanks to the carpets! How to choose the right carpet to enhance each room? We will explain it to you immediately

To best emphasize every room in the house by combining style and design without investing a big budget? With the most suitable carpet it is possible! In this article we will understand together how to choose the right carpet to enhance every room in our homewithout upsetting it, but adding character and personality through the choice of a piece of furniture capable of giving an unmistakable something extra.

Oriental, vintage, short-haired, long-haired and in a variety of materials, patterns and textures to be discovered, rugs can really make the difference in a room, transforming even the most anonymous and dull area of ​​our home into an environment. warm and welcoming. Understand how to choose the right carpet to enhance any room it’s just a matter of details, here are the ones to take into consideration to make the most suitable choice for each room in the house.

Evaluate the parameters of the room

Measurement, occasion of use, concept of the house. These are the fundamental parameters to keep in mind when dealing with the choice of a carpet. Whichever room you have decided to place this in versatile piece of furnitureyou cannot ignore the evaluation of these parameters.

How big is the room? Who mainly lives it? What’s his style? A small room it will not at all be enhanced by a large and square carpet, which instead risks making it optically smaller. Is the room in which you have decided to insert a carpet that of your children? You will preferably have to opt for rugs made with soft and hypoallergenic materials.

And what about the concept of the house? A Persian rug is not the best choice if your home style focuses on a vibe minimal and essential, as well as an excessive color combination risks nullifying the philosophy behind your design choices.

Non-slip for bathroom and kitchen

Once these details have been evaluated, let’s move on to practical advice for each individual room. Let’s start with the beating heart of every home, the kitchen. If you want to give it more character and personality, opt for a rectangular carpet to be positioned along the side of the worktop. Go for an anti-slip solution (you know, domestic accidents, alasespecially in the kitchen, are around the corner) and prefer the stain-resistant or in washable fabric.

Green light to color and geometric patterns – very trendy especially those of Scandinavian inspiration – or go for a total color on neutral tones if you love a mood clean, sober and minimal. Same concept applies to the bathroom. Also in this case, prefer a non-slip solution and place the carpet next to the shower or bath, so as to have a softer “landing” on your feet. Match it with the colors of your towels or those of the curtains and add a touch of warmth to a room that can often feel excessively cold.

Tip to keep in mind: do not use large rugs in the bathroom, would tend to cover a too large surface and encourage the onset of mold. Opt for natural materials like cotton and bamboo that have a non-slip latex back. As for the shapes, yes to rectangular, square and round ones.

Soft and rectangular for the bedroom

Relaxing the bedroom begins with the gaze. Yes, because at first glance a room may or may not inspire calm, peace and tranquility. And what is the room we love to relax in? The bedroom, no doubt. For this reason, in addition to decorating it with soft poufs, warm duvets and chenille blankets, we also insert a nice carpet inside it.

The most common shape for bedroom rugs? Without a doubt the rectangular one because it is unique in giving an impeccable aesthetic balance.

Stripe pattern, floral, abstract, 3d layered effect, are just some of the latest trends to keep in mind for those who want to outline a contemporary style with great character. To be privileged i eco-friendly materials like jute, very popular, and green light for both shaggy and short hair, both very valid alternatives.

Short-haired runner for entrance

And what about the entrance? L’incipit visual of our home cannot fail to be enhanced to the fullest. How can this be done? With the classics runners with short hair (so that frequent trampling does not risk damaging them) or with solutions with woven hair and natural fibers that with their worn and lived aura minimize the dirt that inevitably takes into the house once you return.

Precisely for this reason it is good to opt for one dark color palette or for variants with colored and geometric textures. White, beige and light colors in general are not totally to be avoided, but they certainly need to be washed more often.

And what about the style? The trends of the moment speak of a return to boho chic and the typical accents of mid-century design, the strength of botanical style and the confirmation of the Scandinavian mood in all its essence hygge. Given how simple it is to understand how to choose the right carpet to enhance each room? Make your mark with your personal style and add your unique signature through a piece of furniture as welcoming as the carpet.

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