• May 28, 2023

Goodbye masks almost everywhere: where they will still be worn – iO Donna

TOgoodbye to mask practically everywhere. Since yesterday, June 15, I am even the last remaining obligations have lapsed: or those of wearing it in cinemas, theaters and indoor sporting events.

Goodbye masks: where they remain mandatory

The protective devices will remainHowever, still mandatory on public transport at least until 30 September. Except for the planes.

And, of course, they also stay in hospitals and in Residences for the elderly (RSA).


At least for the summer we will do without it, we will see with the autumn

Until December 31st surgical masks (not FFP2) will continue to be mandatory for all workers, users and visitors in hospitals and health facilitiessocio-health and social assistance.

Including hospitality and long-term care facilities, assisted healthcare residences (RSA), hospices, rehabilitation facilities, residential facilities for the elderly, including non self-sufficient ones.

Mandatory again, at least until June 30, in the workplace: even in this case, surgical procedures are sufficient.

Masks on means of transport until 30 September

The obligation of protective devices it also remains on means of transport, at least until 30 September. And therefore, we will continue to have to put the mask on: ships and ferries, trains, buses, subways, school transport for students primary, middle and high school.

Where they are no longer mandatory

To recap: starting from oJune 16, masks will no longer be mandatory for indoor shows.

Then in theatrical halls, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment and live music venues and in other similar venues. They won’t even wear them anymore for indoor sporting events and competitions.

Where they are only recommended

The mask then continues to be recommended, and therefore not mandatory, however in all public indoor places or places open to the public.

This means that in bars and restaurants, shops and shopping centers, hairdressers and beauticians, public offices, banks, post offices, museums, discos, the use it is always strongly recommended.

Also for the exams at secondary school and high school leaving certificatethe government recommends it, but without imposing the obligation.

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How many have we used?

And on the day when the obligation to use the device expires in Italy, it comes from Yes butItalian Society of Environmental Medicine, an impressive fact: they are beyond 46 billion masks used in Italy from the beginning of the pandemic to todayand as many as 129 billion globally those consumed every month, or 3 million per minute.


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