Giulia dedicates her degree thesis to those who took their own lives for the university

dedica tesi di laurea a coloro che non ce l

23 years old and a degree in his pocket since Wednesday in Ancient Literature at the University of Bari after sleepless nights, anxiety and the constant fear of not making it.

dedicates thesis to those who have not made it

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The latter pushed Giulia Grasso to dedicate his thesis “Censorship in Italian cinema from Totò and Carolina to Totò who lived twice” to all those who have not managed to finish their studies:“To those who gave up, to those who did not feel up to par, to those who found only closed doors, to those who no longer believe in themselves, to those who cried whole nights thinking about that exam, to those who failed to breathe with anxiety, who are blamed for every failure, to those who preferred to die rather than fail again. To me, who finally made it “.

The message launched on Instagram to those who did not make it

Despite everything, Giulia, like so many others, managed not to give up not to throw in the towel at the first obstacle, however, on the very day she hit her goal, crowning her lifelong dream, she decided to think to all the others who have decided to give up. The thought went to all those boys and girls who are left only freshmen in the registers of their universities.

The same on her Instagram profile in a post that has collected thousands of likes wrote:“Because no one ever thinks of those who can’t take it anymore, of those who carry that exam with them for years and not because they don’t study, but because someone decided that question on the footnote of one of the three 500-page books to which he has not been able to answer, the rejection is valid “. And again, he added:“My thesis, my degree, all my sacrifices, I dedicated them to those who have spent whole nights crying, sleepless nights wondering:” is it really worth it? “, Days studying on books only to be told that it wasn’t enough, but it isn’t“.

Finally, a real encouragement to university students from all over Italy:“You are not the opinion of a stranger. You are not the grade given to you by a teacher who arrives tired at the end of the session and wants to go home. You are not the performance you give at the last roll in July, after waiting 10 hours for your turn. You are that piece of Bari focaccia that you have craved for so long. You are those flowers that your loved ones give you in your hand. You are the smiles of your friends. You are the old men who stop you on the street to wish you good wishes. You are the scent of laurel that you will smell for days. You are the feeling of freedom you feel when you see the last validated exam in the booklet. You are the last look you take at that place that has been your nightmare for years. You are many things, but you are not that failure that you are made to think you are. Because the fault does not always lie with the student. And a good teacher knows this too “.

Behind the dedication is the anxiety that accompanied her on her university career

As he later told the Corriere della Serathis dedication is the direct result of his experience:“As a very anxious person that I am I have always experienced a terrible approach to each exam. I too, therefore, have often asked myself “But who makes you do it?”. I also happened to be rejected only because the excitement of the exam had suddenly canceled everything I had studied. At the time of writing the dedication, I therefore identified with those who preferred to say enough “.

According to the 23-year-old it is also the media that put pressure and anxiety on the shoulders of university students:“In the newspapers it often happens that we read about students who graduate several times and / or in record time. This type of confrontation creates a lot of pressure, because everyone has their own times and difficulties. he is forced to work to afford his studies “.

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