Fedez, after the criticisms on the audio with the psychologist: “I wanted to exorcise evil and have a public caress”

Fedez responds to criticism for having published the audio of his meeting with the psychologist in the aftermath of the news of his tumor. “People don’t do things for one reason only, people get mobilized for a variety of reasons. Obviously what I did was also the desire to have a public caress or want to exorcise the evil I felt, there was this but there was more. So today I read the journalists who call me a narcissist as if they said that I am a ***. Here, I quote George Bernard Shaw: ‘I don’t like fighting mud with the pigs, one because you get dirty all over, but above all because the pigs like it ‘”.

Fedez and the harrowing audio of the meetings with the psychologist: “I’m afraid of dying, my children won’t remember me”

The musician, guest of Tony Severo, Rosario Pellecchia and Romina Pierdomenico in the program 105 Friends, replies to the reactions to the publication on his Instagram profile of the audio of his meetings with the psychologist after discovering that he has the tumor. How Wild Lucarelli he had never mentioned him in his post but the reference was clear when he wrote “We must stop using the verb ‘normalize’ to camouflage the most varied forms of narcissism / exhibitionism / pathological inability to keep a private sphere” not even Fedez ever mentions by name the reporter in her attack.

Selvaggia Lucarelli against Fedez (without naming him): “He disguises his narcissism”

“I had no idea it could have sparked such a huge debate within the psychiatric or psychotherapy community,” says the singer. “My theme – he adds – is simple: first of all, recording the sessions is a very normal thing you do, publishing it a little less. I suffer from insomnia, I wake up very early in the morning, like at 5, at 6. I didn’t have never listened to that audio again, that morning I listened to it again and I started crying like an idiot. “

“I am trying to keep the window of my illness open so as not to forget, that window helps me to re-evaluate the priorities of my life, so listening to that audio for a moment I went back to when I discovered I had this tumor and the the only testimony I had was Google telling me that I would be dead in six months, as is always the case with whatever health you look for on Google “.

Fedez further explains: “In the session I say ‘I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid that my children will not remember me’ and it is a feeling of ugly dissociation, you feel strange, you say ‘I am not living this thing well’ and then say ‘Look, if in this moment even just one person is experiencing that feeling that I too have experienced it and have come out of it more or less decently, maybe it makes you feel a little higher “.

In fact, the scientific community has been divided on whether or not to make those audios public. Under Lucarelli’s post the comment of a user who calls himself a psychotherapist. “As a psychotherapist I subscribe. I understand your pain and your fears everything is permissible. But the space and the therapeutic setting must be protected and protected. It is an intimate, private space. There are other forms and ways to share and convey your fears”. Evidently, however, not everyone agrees why Federico Tonionipsychiatrist and psychotherapist, yesterday said: “Many ordinary people, like the singer did, express the anguish of death online:” Before the disease was a shame, putting it in the virtual square is the antistigma and can help “.

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