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Evan Rachel Wood recounts the abuses suffered by Marilyn Manson in a miniseries on Sky – Io Donna

No.or, lightness Phoenix Risingon Sky Thursday 16 and Friday 24 June at 9.15 pmdoes not give it. Normal since talks about domestic violence (è Evan Rachel Wood, 34, looking sunny, but with the dark inside, to tell about the abuses from then-boyfriend Marilyn Manson, 53 years).

But even if the atmospheres it transmits are grayed by everything (music, tones, contents), if you start watching this miniseriesthen something happens for which you do not become unglued anymore from the tv.

You no longer unglue, perhaps because the way in which Evan Rachel Wood relates her experience as a victim is however delicate. Perhaps also because the miniseries is set as a documentary, manages to go back to causes that may have led to Marilyn Manson (real name Brian Warner) to abuse. Perhaps trivially why we talk about famous people. Or maybe why it’s a happy ending story seen that the victim has redeemed herself, she is a survivor. The fact is that Phoenix Rising sucks the viewer into the story.

Evan Rachel Wood: the clip of the miniseries

Evan Rachel Wood: the clip of the miniseries

The story between Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachele Marilyn Manson were engagedthrough thick and thin, for four and a half years until early 2011when she has finally found the strength to flee from him for good. Everything has begun in the 2006, when she was eighteen, he thirty-seven. The link however, it only became public in 2007when Marilyn Manson was divorcing his first wife Dita von Teese, a burlesque actress.

Marilyn Mason Evan Rachel Wood abuse story

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson in 2007, when their relationship was made official. (Getty Images)

Evan Rachel Wood: first victim, then activist

Shortly after the end of the relationship with Manson, Evan became an activist for survivors of domestic violence. Since 2016 you have repeatedly said that you have lived the nightmare of abuse in the family, without however reveal the name of his attacker. In 2019 was the testimonial of the Phoenix Act (which inspired the title of the miniseries Sky), California law that extends the statute of limitations for domestic violence from three to five years.

Evan Rachel Wood Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood in “Phoenix Rising”, Sky.

Witnessing in front of the Californian Parliament, Wood recounted disturbing details: “Once he ordered me to kneel in a corner of the room. He tied my hands and feet and started beating me And to send electric shocks on private parts of the body with a torture instrument. It was his way of subduing me. The pain was unbelievable and part of me died that day“.

At the time some media circulated the singer’s name as a possible rapist: a journalist had in fact fished out an interview with the magazine Spin in which he said that between his fantasies daily there was that of “Smash Wood’s skull with a club.”

Wood: “He abuses because he was abused”

L’February 1, 2021 Evan Rachel Wood reveals the name of her tormentor: Marilyn Manson precisely. Since then, four other women have accused the singer of abuse. He has always denied everything. In the miniseries Evan Rachel Wood, in addition to rebuilding her career, which began as a child, explains the possible reasons for Marilyn Manson’s perversionsfishing between vintage videos and excerpts from the singer’s autobiography, My long way from hell published in 1998.

Evan Rachel Wood in “Phoenix Rising”, Sky.

“I think as a kid in the Christian school he attended has been bullied and abused “, Wood says. Drawing on Marilyn Manson’s autobiography she explains that his father was a Vietnam veteranwhen the son (MM, in fact) sought his attention, father took the belt, folded it in two, so the fool was stronger, and whipped him behind his back.

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Wood also reports that Manson’s parents often quarreled because his father believed his wife was cheating on him. Once, thinking that mom really betrayed his father, the little boy threw a bottle in her facemaking them a cut on her lip, he hit her, spat on her and tried to strangle her. Mom didn’t react, she cried. “But I’ve never been sorry”, wrote in the autobiography. “I have no doubt that it has been severely abused, I don’t know what happened to him, but he has a deep hatred for womenAccuses Evan.


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