• May 28, 2023

Effect T-Roc, the new model for the turning point of the best seller Volkswagen

VERONA – For years and years, those who said Volkswagen continued to think of the Golf as a reference point. The most popular car in the history of the brand together with the legendary Beetle was in fact at the top of the sales hit parade since its appearance in the 70s. For some time, however, the Golf has given up this scepter, at least in Italy. Launched in 2017, Volkswagen’s new queen is the T-Roc, built on the platform of the aforementioned Golf in a more versatile variant of a compact SUV.

After one million units sold all over the world, of which 110 thousand by us, the T-Roc has reached the halfway point of the first generation with the inevitable series of updates that serve to keep it current. Fans of aesthetic details can thus be pleased with some details such as the new design of the air intake and renewed alloy wheels.

Golf, the restyling of Mrs. Volkswagen

The lighting system is also refined, with new daytime running lights and the option of installing LED matrix headlights. Apart from new colors, it should be emphasized the presence, standard and on request, of assistance systems and driving aid such as active cruise control with semi-automatic driving function. On board there are materials that are more friendly to the touch, especially in the upper area of ​​the dashboard, a repositioning of the multimedia system control screen and a steering wheel similar to that of the electric models of the brand.

Also available in the Cabriolet variant, the T-Roc continues to be offered in different engine versions. The Cabriolet is limited to the 110 and 150 hp petrol ones while the closed T-Roc adds the 2.0 TDI turbodiesel variants of 115 and 150 hp, in addition to the super sporty 300 hp R. Prices range from a minimum of 27,350 to a maximum of 50,000 euros for the T-Roc R. On all 150 hp versions there is the possibility of having the dual-clutch DSG gearbox while the four-wheel drive is exclusive to the R and of the specific variant of the 2.0 TDI.

In testing, the renewed Volkswagen SUV confirms well-known handling and road holding qualities, as we have verified with the 1.5 TSI equipped with the DSG gearbox that can also be used as a manual via the levers on the steering wheel. They like the quietness on board and also the interior space. If desired, consumption is also very low even if in this case the alternative offered by the diesel versions, still preferred for the T-Roc by over 35% of customers, is interesting.

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