• June 8, 2023

Di Maio against Conte: “You cannot imitate Salvini and attack the government”. And on the administrative: “M5S never went so badly”

He decided to speak a few days after the administrative flop. “It is normal for the electorate to be disoriented but in the local elections we have never gone so badly”, admits the foreign minister. Luigi Di Maio, speaking with reporters in front of the House. “The analysis of the vote cannot be resolved by tracing the problems back to the election of the President of the Republic”, she explains. Then with a series of statements he puts Giuseppe Conte in the dock: “I don’t think we can stay in the government and then, to imitate Salvini, every other day, we go to attack the government. We need the utmost compactness”, he comments.

Conte and the M5S disappeared from the Municipalities: “My parents ask me to leave the government”

by Matteo Pucciarelli

The trial of the leader of the Movement starts from Parliament Square, after the administrative blow. “Ambiguous” and “self-referential”, after the defeat in the polls Conte should “assume his responsibilities”, according to Luigi Di Maio that, nn the rear square of Montecitorio, he summoned the journalists to start the attack, without ever naming the current president 5S.

For Di But I the Cinquestelle “have never gone so badly”. She recognizes it. And he also explains why: “We did badly at the administrative offices because our electorate is disoriented, they are not aware of what the vision is. I believe that the M5S should make a great effort of internal democracy, we do not come from a history that has distinguished itself for internal democracy. Compared to a new course, we would also need more inclusiveness, internal debate, to include external people in the Movement, to bring them into this great experience: there are many people who ask to be involved “.

According to the Foreign Minister, “one cannot always blame others. I believe that one must also assume some responsibility with respect to a self-referentiality that should be somewhat overcome. I say this to you – he underlines – because there is no place where to say today “.

Finally, the latest accusation: “It is no internal process, but we are a political force that aspires to look to 2050 but in reality is looking to before 2018, which was another world. There is a radicalization in progress that sincerely even with respect to a topic such as foreign policy and historical alliances sees at this moment an ambiguity on which I disagree “.

The flop in the municipalities. The M5S also missed Grillo’s vote

by Matteo Macor, Matteo Pucciarelli

Speaking of the grim challenges of ecological transition and the minimum wage, he adds: “We are managing a war in Ukraine, caused by Russia, which requires the utmost diplomatic effort. I do not think it is appropriate to take decisions that de facto misalign Italy from Italy. alliance Born and from the alliance of the European Union – he says in the press point in Rome – I do not think it is appropriate, for example, to put in the Resolution that commits the premier to go to the European Council phrases or contents that de facto misalign us from our historical alliances – he adds -, because Italy is not a neutral country: it is part of historical alliances thanks to our founding fathers. “To conclude:” This is not any internal process or anything else, but I believe that our country must stay within the Born, I believe that our country must be in the European Union, I believe that our country must embrace the ecological transition but the weaker part of our country must not pay for it, the poorer classes must not pay for it – observes Di Maio – How I strongly believe in the fact that a minimum wage is needed and let’s do it also with union bargaining: the important thing is to get to raise the salaries of people who are earning less than 9 euros per hour. I believe that we are facing a country that needs the utmost compactness to overcome the challenges of such a difficult historical moment “.

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