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Covid Italy, the bulletin of June 16, 2022: 36,573 new and 64 deaths

The epidemic curve in Italy is still rising. There are 36,573 new Covid cases in the last 24 hours, against 31,885 yesterday but above all 23,042 last Thursday.

The swabs processed are 194,676 (yesterday 195,439) with the positivity rate flying from 16.4% to 18.8%.

The deaths are 64 (yesterday 48). The total casualties since the beginning of the pandemic thus rise to 167,617.

Hospitalizations are on the rise: intensive therapies are 3 more (yesterday +6) with 20 daily admissions, and they are 192 in all, while in the ordinary wards there are 85 more patients (yesterday +19), for a total of 4,303. This is what emerges from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

The region with the highest number of cases today is Lombardy with 5,438 infections, followed by Lazio (+4,636), Emilia-Romagna (+3,673) Veneto (+3,322) and Campania (+2,983).

Total cases since the start of the pandemic come to 17,773,764. The discharged / healed in the last 24 hours are 40,108 (yesterday 32,758) for a total that rises to 17,005,366. The currently positive are 3,104 less (yesterday +3) for a total that drops to 600,781. Of these, 596,286 are in home isolation.

Gimbe: the curve raises its head

The pandemic curve is reversed and cases of contagion start to increase again: in the last 7 days the increase was 32.1%. This is what emerges from the monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation, relating to the week of 8-14 June. In numerical terms, in the period under consideration the new cases were 160,751 compared to 121,726 in the previous week. “The trend of the new weekly cases reverses the trend (+ 32.1% compared to the previous week) – declares Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation – which amounted to around 160 thousand with a 7-day moving average of almost 23 thousand daily cases “. In the week of June 8-14, the percentage increase in new cases is recorded in all the Regions with the exception of Calabria: from + 17.4% in Basilicata to + 91.5% in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (table 1). Compared to the previous week, in 8 Provinces there was a percentage reduction in new cases (from -1.3% in Asti to -36.3% in Reggio di Calabria); the provinces in which an increase is recorded rose from 22 to 99 (from + 1.3% in Trapani to + 104.1% in Pordenone). Only the Province of Cagliari records an incidence of over 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (532)

Weekly deaths increase

Deaths have increased in the last 7 days: the increase was 6.1%. This is what emerges from the monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation, relating to the week of 8-14 June. In numerical terms, in the period considered, there were 416 deaths compared to 392 in the previous survey. Currently positive cases are down (603,882 compared to 628,977), people in home isolation (599,500 compared to 624,416).

Ordinary and intensive hospitalizations drop in the last 7 days

Hospitalizations in Italian hospitals linked to Covid are decreasing: in the last 7 days, the decrease was 3.3% for ordinary wards, -16.4% for intensive care. This is what emerges from the monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation, relating to the week of 8-14 June. “On the hospital front – says Marco Mosti, operational director of the Gimbe foundation – the decline in the number of beds occupied by covid patients continues both in intensive care (-16.4%) and in the medical area (-3.3%) “. In detail, the number of beds occupied as of 7 June amounted to 183 in the critical area and 4,199 in the medical area. As of June 14, the national employment rate by covid patients was 6.5% in the medical area (from 3% in Veneto to 16.1% in Calabria) and 2% in the critical area (from 0% in Umbria to 7.7% of the Aosta Valley). “There is a slight increase in daily admissions to intensive care – specifies Mosti – with a 7-day moving average of 20 admissions / day compared to 15 in the previous week”.

Without vaccine

There are 6.86 million unvaccinated, of which 2.84 million recovered are protected only temporarily. This is what emerges from the monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation. 8.03 million people have not yet received the third dose, of which 2.6 million recovered who cannot receive it immediately. Net regional differences for the coverage with fourth doses of the immunocompromised (from 8.2% of Calabria to 100% of Piedmont) and of the other frail (from 5.1% of Calabria to 38.6% of Piedmont). As of June 15 (update 06.16) 88.1% of the audience (n.50.793.615) had received at least one dose of vaccine (+4.388 compared to the previous week) and 86.6% (n.49.914. 497) completed the vaccination cycle (+6,789 compared to the previous week).

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