• June 5, 2023

Ballottaggio Verona, Sboarina rejects the semblance with Tosi: “No to the agreements of the Palace, I prefer consistency”

Federico Sboarina refuses appearance with Flavio Tosi the ballot for the administrative in Verona. You announced it earlier in a press conference. Sboarina7 points behind (40% vs 33%) compared to the center-left candidate, Damiano Tommasi, he will essentially try to recover by counting on the coalition, with the Lega, Fdi and Brugnaro list in it, which supported him in the first round. “The heart of the center beats united – he said Sboarina – Yes to the contract with the Veronese. No to the palace agreements “.

Flavio Tosi joins Forza Italia. Tajani: “In Verona Fi it is worth 24%. In the ballot ballots to make the center-right win”

“We thank Tosi and Forza Italia for the official opening to the appearance, as well as the president Silvio Berlusconibut ours is a choice of consistency, certainly courageous, but respectful of the electorate, and for us this aspect comes before anything else, says Federico Sboarinaat a press conference, explaining the reasons that led him to reject the appearance of the ballot in Verona with the other ‘center-right piece’, represented by Flavio Tosi and Forza Italia “.” We are happy with the support of Forza Italy, which brings together the center-right in a single house – added the outgoing mayor – We decided to sign the contract directly with the Veronese, and not inside the buildings by means of a technical appearance that would not have been appreciated by the citizens and would have given to the left, due to an oddity of the law, a greater number of municipal councilors “.

Sboarina at this point he hopes for “a large public meeting of the whole center-right family capable of guaranteeing a common and transparent administrative process in the interest of the city, because the center-right Veronese by nature share the same vision of work, of family, security, social issues, the development of the city, the defense of our traditions. For these reasons we believe that instead of a technical downward trend it is more important to commit ourselves to a great programmatic agreement that defines together the best possible team at the service of Verona “.

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