• May 28, 2023

Amber Heard reveals: “I still love Johnny Depp” – iO Donna

TOmber Heard and Johnny Depp: the saga continues with yet another twist. After the first part of the interview given to Today Showin which the actress was pointing the finger at social mediaguilty of having pilloried her now Amber Heard admits, “I still love Johnny Depp.”

Words that strike after the war between the two in court, following the defamation trial by her ex-husband.

Amber Heard (again) declares love for Johnny Depp

Interviewed by Savannah Guthrie, journalist of NBC News, the actress says she lived hers defeat in court and the verdict of the jury that forces her to compensate her ex-husband with 10 million dollars, such as “a humiliation before the world“.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp (Getty Images)

However, he has no negative feelings against Johnny Depp. “I love. I loved him wholeheartedly and did my best to make our deeply damaged relationship work. But I couldn’t, ”she said.

Pointing out: “I have no negative feelings towards him. I know it may seem difficult to understand but if you have ever loved someone it should be easy to understand. ‘

“I’m not a perfect victim”

In the second part of the interview, then, the movie star stated that he will always remain faithful to what he witnessed. She will not change the version of her testimony about her.

Not even after the global humiliation and public perception of her. “I’m not a good victim. I’m not a nice victim. I’m not a perfect victim. I take note. But when I testified, I asked the jury to look at me only as a human being and to listen to my words. “

The future? Full time mom

Despite the love she still has for her ex-husband and the domestic violence she says she suffered, the trial of Johnny Depp was grueling for Amber Heard. She who now she wants to look to the future with a very specific plan: to be a full-time mother.

In fact, in April 2021, she became the mother of a child, Oonagh Paige, through surrogacy. “I’ll be able to devote myself to her all the time without having to juggle phone calls from lawyers,” he said.

Stay in the cast of Aquaman 2

In addition to her daughter, however, Amber Heard will also have to think about work. In fact, in the last few hours rumors that the actress was cut from the cast of Aquaman 2. All false. Amber Heard will return to the set.

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And maybe a work-family mix is ​​all he needs to leave this bad story behind.


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