5 things we can do to become more optimistic – Donnamoderna

5 things we can do to become more optimistic - Donnamoderna

Lo stress, the daily grind, the small and big problems of every day have a negative impact on our mood. Here are 5 things we can do to become more optimistic and regain the positivity and energy we need

We have not received that much sought-after promotion at work, we have just come to terms with a bitter disappointment of love and even our social life is no longer as engaging as it once was. Raise your hand if you recognize yourself in these situations. They are part of the life of all of us. It is inevitable to go through moments in which everything seems lost, moments in which we do not feel up to our expectations or worse, in which we believe we are a real failure.

In these intense moments that follow one another, negativity takes over our charge and our energy. Fortunately, there are various ways to regain possession of our positive disposition. In this article we will talk about 5 things we can do to become more optimistic. Small gestures, positive thoughts and mental attitudes capable of radically changing our way of thinking and above all the way of seeing ourselves. Having a positive approach to life means having the right energy to face it with the harmony and serenity that we deserve. What are these 5 things we can do to become more optimistic? We discover them immediately.

1. Focus on yourself

Let’s start with a scientific fact: a positive approach to life makes us more long-lived. This data arose from a study conducted by researchers of theHarvard University and published by Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 159,255 were the women on whom the survey was conducted which showed that the more optimistic and positively focused on themselves are also the longer lasting.

Longevity aside, focusing on ourselves means focusing our attention no longer on the outside, but inside of us. It means avoiding continuous comparisons, comparisons, comparisons between our lives and those of others, and appreciating our thoughts, our ideas, our attitudes. It’s important give value to choices small or large that we do every day, avoiding instead, as we often do, to belittle them.

Living a daily life putting ourselves first, stopping not feeling enough, is not a question of selfishness, it is an act of love that we often struggle to grant ourselves, triggering a whirlwind of recriminations, blame and reproaches towards ourselves that we do not deserve and that make us the specter of what we really are, overshadowing our positive charge and making us pessimistic.

2. Recognize your achievements

Among the 5 things we can do to become more optimistic is certainly the recognition of our successes. And if after this statement any of you said “What successes?” well, your mental attitude probably needs to regain the lost optimism. When it comes to successes big victories are not meantrecord results, honors or certificates of esteem, these are achievements that deserve our interest.

Each of us has had the opportunity, in the course of its existence, to feel proud for a objective achieved, for working on a successful project, for supporting a person in difficulty. These are all things that we often ignore and that we should remember and appreciate instead. Recognizing our successes and what we have to offer is a fundamental step in regaining the lost optimism.

3. Put things in perspective

How important is it to look at the big picture? But how hard is it to focus on it when you don’t see things from the right perspective?

“Never write about a place until you are far from it, because that gives you perspective.” (Ernest Hemingway)

This simple sentence is indicative: observe things by detaching oneself from them and putting them in perspective helps us not to be engulfed by problems and frustrations, to appreciate our life and to have a positive and proactive mental attitude.

4. Exercise

Sounds trivial, right? Yet according to many studies, active people who practice constant physical activity are more optimistic than sedentary women. Not only that, thephysical activity stimulates serotonin and endorphinsmolecules that promote happiness and optimism.

5. Practice gratitude

The inevitable setbacks we all face are temporary, let’s always keep this in mind. In order not to dramatize and not to risk them becoming an obsession, let’s try to put into practice an increasingly widespread method to lighten the moods weighed down by the negativity of obstructive thoughts: gratitude.

Hold a gratitude diary in which to thank for every small or big positive note in our life can give truly unexpected fruits. We thank for what we have, for our family, for friends, for work, for being able to get up after a difficult period. We thank ourselves and our strengthyou will see, it will work.

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