Three streets and a square, so Italy has forgotten Bearzot

Three streets and a square, so Italy has forgotten Bearzot

He says it Marco Tardelliin the interview with Emanuela Audisio published yesterday by Republic: “Bearzot deserves a great memory today, but he is neglected”. He is right. Streets, squares and towns are dedicated to adults. At the great sports stadiums, sometimes even in life, at the naming ceremony, in 2020, there was also Ciccio Graziani.

Tardelli: “The Scream Mundial is still with me. In 1982 we reunited Italy”

by Emanuela Audisio

The Enzo Bearzot stadiums

And then there is the stadium chapter, even less exciting. In Gorizia, in via Capodistria, there is the Enzo Bearzot stadium: until 2016 it was called the Campagnuzza stadium. The Pro Gorizia, the first team of the Bearzot player, plays there. There is another in Castel di Lucio, in the province of Messina: a sports field, more than a stadium, in clay and without the stands. Sports fields have been dedicated to him in Coverciano, Gerenzano, Morro d’Alba. In Sirtori, in 2017, the municipal administration launched a survey among its citizens. 514 voters: 176 preferences for Bearzot, 123 for Scirea, 66 for Mennea. The Prato stadium, the only club coached by Bearzot, is simply called “Lungobisenzio”.

Malagò: “Bearzot hero of the ’82 World Cup. Tardelli is right, he must always be remembered”

by Claudio Cucciatti

The monument to Aiello del Friuli

Last May 8 Aiello del Friuli, the country where Bearzot lived, dedicated a “gnomonic monument” to Vecio and the other heroes of Spain 82, a sort of large sundial in the shape of a soccer ball, made up of 32 steel faces made up of 20 gray hexagons light and 12 dark brown pentagons, inscribed in a sphere 180 centimeters in diameter. On the hexagonal plates the names of the blues together with the symbols of the zodiac. And all of this is dedicated to Bearzot. Not a bust or something. And the tomb of Vecio in the Paderno d’Adda cemetery is also very simple: a black slab, a cross, a flower holder.

The Journey of Our Heroes, the Italians’ ride at the 1982 World Cup becomes a film

Vittorio Pozzo beats Bearzot 9 to 4

Little luckier than Bearzot was Vittorio Pozzo, the coach of the first two Azzurri world titles, those of 1934 and 1938. Nine cities have a street dedicated to him: Rome, Formia, L’Aquila, Fenile, Arzano, San Lorenzo Maggiore, Minturno, Parma and Isola delle Femmine. There is a Vittorio Pozzo stadium in Biella and Boscoreale. Stop.

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