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maturità 2021 5 punti bonus

Also in the month of May our wonderful month took place as every month Notes Competition to which all users of the site can participate. The latter can participate every month in our competition and there are many users to make an appointment.

maturity 2021 5 bonus points

As they did in the previous months, all the contestants of the Note Contest give their best to try to send as many notes as possible, distinguishing themselves for their great commitment and their generosity towards all the other users of the site.

We know that they commit themselves every day with great constancy and thanks to them many students from all over Italy are able to face their oral questions and their written homework in the best possible way, thus surpassing their school year in a very brilliant way. These are fundamental users for our Community, also because thanks to them all the users of our site can have an improvement in the school environment, managing to recover perhaps a year that had not been easy at all. Without them our site would be lost! Their contribution is fundamental because they send many notes of Latin and Greek grammar, of Italian, of history and philosophy and many well-written scholastic researches. These are notes, versions of Latin and Greek and dealing with many other subjects thanks to which all Italian users / students can get very high marks, managing to impress above all their teachers and their class! These people send lots of people every day notes on history, foreign literature, Italian, science, astronomical geography and many other subjects. Thanks to their contribution, many users in difficulty can study on their notes published on our site. They are well-written notes that can help millions of people. Always thanks to their contribution, every day it becomes richer and richer in content dealing with original and well-written topics. The users of our site are satisfied with their notes. It is thanks to them that they can “turn” the school year recovering in a big way. Their grades really get better thanks to the notes these users put on our site! The following article is therefore aimed at these precious users who every day commit themselves to sending well-written and accurate notes. Just by sending notes they are able to accumulate a good score over the course of the month, having the possibility of winning even wonderful ones awards.

Winners of the Notes Competition May 2022

For a decade, has also created the so-called Competition Noteswhich would be his well-known prize contest with which many users of the site get involved by sending notes from high schools and middle schools, Italian translations of versions of Latin and Greek having the opportunity to reach the top of the ranking by reaching the first three places of the ranking and being able to win renowned prizes! The contest of Notes Competition, it is known that it is giving away renowned and coveted prizes for those who are able to obtain a distinct score by sending notes. It is thanks to the sending of these notes that the first three classified are able to reach the highest places in the ranking, winning prizes like these that will be described! Among the latter in the catalog there are, for example, telephone top-ups (Tim, Vodafone, Wind And 3) for an amount between 25 and 100 euros, the fantastic gift vouchers to spend on Amazon, Zalando, H&M, Sephora, Spotify. Do not wait long and then you too participate in the contest as many people already do by climbing the monthly ranking of the Notes Competition!

Here are the winners of May 2022!

First place:
danyper con with 920 points;
Runner up: Reichstadt1946 with 850 points;
Third place
Stefaniaac94 with 210 points;

>>> Browse the catalog and find out which prizes you can win!

The Community Ranking Winners May 2022

Also on the website of those who have not won prizes are also very important, because they lend a helping hand every day by providing many answers in the threads of our beautiful Forum. Thanks to their wonderful answers they give useful advice for users and students of our site and help them in dealing with their school questions and their written assignments in the best possible way! Thanks to these people with a great spirit of sacrifice, helps many users in difficulty every day! We therefore assign an important title to these precious people: that of VIP of our Community, as they are real heroes of! You can also get involved by helping all the users of our site! So find out with us who the Vip most active in May 2022:

First place:danyper with 965 points;
Runner up: Reichstadt1946 with 931 points;
Third place
Lollo_Fcon 456 points;

The Oscars of

Finally, we absolutely want to reward the various people who are constantly active on our forum every month They are exceptional people who answer daily in the various topics of our Forum and who help users in difficulty! Let’s see who has earned this important title:

– Lollo_F

Thanks to the staff tutors

At the end of the article we are very keen to thank all our wonderful tutors who clarify the doubts of our users on a daily basis:
– tiscali
– Ithaca
– anny =)
– ciampax
– Natalia_M
– Boat_of_life

Finally, we thank the moderators

– ShattereDreams
– eleo
– Pinchbeck
– gio.cri

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