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“The journey of the heroes”, the docufilm on the champions of the ’82 World Cup. Collovati: “A group as important as the cup”

ROME – The boys of the Brancazot Army, like old friends sitting around a table, talk, laugh, joke, remember the triumph. “In the interval of the final against Germany – says Cabrini – Bearzot took me by the collar of my shirt and attached me to the wall. Antognoni had to throw a penalty, but he was injured in the semifinal “. “It is one of the biggest regrets I have – confirms the former Fiorentina – luckily my teammates gave us the victory. Today they recognize us everywhere”. Some world champions (Antognoni, Cabrini, Causio, Conti, Collovati, Dossena And Savages), together with the actor Marco Giallini and to widow of Paolo Rossi, Federica Cappellettiforty years after the triumph of Madrid they met at the Casa del Cinema in Rome, inside Villa Borghese, for the presentation of the docufilm “The journey of the heroes” of the director Manlio CastagnaGiallini narrator, produced by One More Pictures with Rai Cinema and Rai Com. Also on stage Manuela Cacciamanifounder of One More Pictures and president of the Anica Digital Publishers and Creators Union, e Paolo Del Brocco, CEO of Rai Cinema. “The journey of the heroes” will be broadcast in over one hundred cinemas in Italy on 20, 21 and 22 June.

Among the most talkative is the landlord Accountswho relived the World Cup retracing the atmosphere that reigned in the blue retreat: “Before leaving the press had massacred us, above all Bearzot and Rossi. I remember well the scandal that occurred in Rome after the choice not to bring to Spain Pruzzo, top scorer of the last Serie A. And to Rossi, then, who came from football betting (later acquitted, ed) was not given peace. Hence the choice, after the coach’s quarrel with some journalists, to choose the press blackout, a revolutionary thing at the time. He could only speak Captain Zoff, the one who actually spoke least of all “.

Tardelli: “The Scream Mundial is still with me. In 1982 we reunited Italy”

by Emanuela Audisio

Collovati: “A group of friends that is worth a World Cup”

To make the debate sparkling, the teasing among the members of that team, who today are often heard in a “World” chat on WhatsApp. “I apologize on behalf of everyone for Causio and Conti, who didn’t put on their shirts.” She ready the answer: “I Collovati can’t see him-she retorted Conti laughing-, but what a great closure he did in the final, sliding inside our area. Everyone gave his own contribution”. Gags that testify to the strength of the group, a concept reiterated several times during the meeting. “Although forty years have passed – she said this time seriously Collovati – there is a value that has remained unchanged over time. I am aware of the fact that raising a World Cup is not for everyone, but being able to count on the deep friendship of my teammates makes me even happier ”. And he also enjoyed it Savages, who did not set foot on the pitch in that World Cup: “I deny once again that Bearzot did not take me to the World Championship by chance when he met me on the street. because I knew I wasn’t playing “. And go with laughter and pats on the back.

Three streets and a square, so Italy has forgotten Bearzot

by Cosimo Cito

Rossi’s widow: “Before he died Bearzot told us that he had been a happy man”

Word then to Cappellettiwidow of Rossi. “Paolino” – together with Scirea, Bearzot and Cesare Maldini – has been fondly remembered several times by his teammates. “During the screening I hid in the crowd and cried – said Cappelletti -. Bearzot for Paolo was a second father as for all the others, but with him the bond was even deeper because he needed him. During the trial on football betting the coach called him and told him to keep fit for Spain. Paolo confided to me several times the fear that in the end Bearzot would not call him. Instead he did and always protected him “. Then the story of the last meeting between Rossi and Bearzot: “We met in Auronzo di Cadore, it was 2010. Enzo had discovered the tumor and was about to leave us. They hugged each other crying, Bearzot told Paolo to be strong, that now it was up to him to protect the others. Before saying goodbye, he confessed that those boys had made him a happy man. “

Cabrini: “An impossible victory”

Space for the memories of the “boys” because, as he joked Giallini, “you are all the same as forty years ago. Could it be because you have made a little movement in your life?”. For Cabrini “The film celebrates not only the memories of the wonderful country that we are, but above all the expression of a great feeling that was created in the group: teammates inextricably united. That feeling was the engine of an impossible victory, which turned into a real undertaking “. The documentary also wants to convey the values ​​of sport, sacrifice, hard work.” For a child born in San Siro – he stressed Dossena – who wanted nothing more than to play in there, it was the highest goal. I did it by sacrificing my youth, my childhood and in the period of my maturity the affections, friendships and family. But despite everything, it was an indescribable joy. They were very intimate and difficult to explain moods. “Okay too Cause: “Becoming a world champion is the dream of most football fans. When they ask me for a memory of the 1982 World Cup, I get excited as if I am still living that wonderful day today ”.

Malagò: “Bearzot hero of the ’82 World Cup. Tardelli is right, he must always be remembered”

by Claudio Cucciatti

“The journey of the heroes”

The docufilm is a journey in 11 stages – as many as the players on the field – of the world journey. A modern odyssey that does not focus only on the pitch, but leaves room for the social context, for the problems of Italy in the 1980s, for the vicissitudes of a team that was doomed but which then beat Argentina, Brazil and Germany. “The unexpected and incredible victory of the Azzurri in Spain – explains the director Chestnut – it was not only a great sporting feat, but above all a great moment of national participation and sharing that symbolically marked the rebirth of the country after difficult years. It is a story of values ​​and passions, of commitment and hope that must be told, especially today, in a difficult historical moment, marked by the pandemic and the war. Yet, as in 1982, Italy triumphed at the European Championships and the Olympics: these victories tell of the strength of a country that does not give up on difficulties ”.

Many exclusive images, anecdotes, memories. One above all that of Cinzia Bearzotdaughter of the coach who passed away in 2010. “He never carried the problems of work at home, so as not to make us weigh what he lived. In the days of pressure, before the World Cup, in the face of the criticisms he heard he repeated, laughing, the motto of flames: ‘ What do you want them to be, compared to eternity? ”Eternal are those” boys “and their second dad, all 1982 world champions.

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