The Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris hair beauty ritual

The Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris hair beauty ritual

H.aircare is the new skincare. A simple and direct slogan that contains a great truth. Take care of your hair, with the same religious attention with which one takes care of the skin, one can (and must). It is now known that even hair is affected by the passage of time, not to mention stress or smog and for this reason they need specific products that can make them healthier (and more beautiful). The fast pace we are used to, the urban lifestyle, smoking, fatigue and poor nutrition have a great influence on their vitality and balance. Indeed, it has been shown that the amount of pollutants on the scalp can be twice as high as that found in the air. Internal and external pollution increases oxidative stress on the scalp and damages the skin barrier. These aggressions can cause a global imbalance of cell renewal and for this reason it is necessary to devote attention to our hair with a targeted and specific capillary routine.

Sisley Paris’ expertise in treatment is unparalleled and the introduction of hair care and beauty products from 2018 was further confirmation of the excellence of the French cosmetic brand. Hair Rituel by Sisley is a brand dedicated to the care of the scalp and the hair fiber, which offers a complete and sensory beauty ritual, intended for both women and men.

Small gestures to achieve great results

Hair Rituel by Sisley today consists of 16 products to cleanse, strengthen, regenerate, protect and embellish the hair.
These ultra-performing treatments contain a high concentration of extracts of plant origin and essential oils, minerals, vitamins and proteins that dynamize the hair bulb and restructure its fiber.
Each type of hair has different characteristics and needs. Hair Rituel by Sisley has studied a soin formula for every need.
The routine with Hair Rituel by Sisley products can be divided into small gestures, which, if followed consistently, lead to surprising results.

Cleanse: products for all hair types

Soin Lavant Revitalisant Volumateur with camellia oil, the shampoo with toning properties is an excellent ally against hair that lacks tone: increases the volume from root to tip, thanks to its active ingredients based on vitamins, proteins and essential oils.
Unruly hair? Unruly? Soin Lavant Revitalisant Disciplinant with macadamia oil immediately makes the hair shinier, the hair more elastic and consequently smoother. For the indomitable manesSoin Lavant Revitalisant Lissant softens the hair, while if you are looking for a product to protect colored hairSoin Lavant Perfecteur de Couleur is the right shampoo! As a balm, Hair Rituel by Sisley recommends Restructuring Crème Démêlante with cotton proteins, able to untangle knots and tame the most tousled hair.

Repair and nourish with a regenerating mask and a restructuring baume

Masque Soin Régénérant with four vegetable oils is a real treatment that repairs brittle and weakened hair. The beneficial combination of SOS oils (Shea, Macadamia, Camellia and Hazelnut) smoothes and nourishes the hair fiber without weighing it down. After 4 weeks of use, the cuticles are smoothed, the hair fiber is restored, the hair is radiant with vitality. True concentrate of vitality, Le Baume Restructurant Nourrissant, highly lipidic and nourishing soin, it transforms the appearance and quality of damaged and dry hair in just 30 minutes, if used as an express treatment, or in the classic 8 hours of the night for a deep “capillary transformation”.

The elixir of youth for the hair

Best seller of the capillary brand, Le Sérum Revitalisant Fortifiant takes care of the scalp as a treatment would for the skin. Benefiting from its launch of spectacular results of hair strength and density tests, validated by a specialized center on the skin and scalp, the serum is used as an intensive care every two days for a month and then as a maintenance twice a day. week for two months. In this way the hair will be stronger, thicker, shinier and full of vitality.

Finishing touch for protected, voluminous, shiny hair

L’Huile Précieuse Cheveux Brillance & Nutrition restructures lengths and creates a film around the fiber thanks to a unique cocktail of nourishing and softening oils. The last phase of the treatment ritual, the application of the oil prepares the hair for styling. It is also ideal for adding a touch of brightness during the day. Its fragrance smells delicately and the light texture leaves a satin veil on the hair.

For an immediate volume effect, Le Spray Volume Corps & Densité provides structure from root to tip, ensuring a long-lasting “anti-flat” result. While Le Fluide Protecteur Cheveux forms an imperceptible film to protect hair from the harmful effects of the sun, sea water and swimming pool.

Soin Lavant Doux Pureté: the new shampoo for fresh and light hair

Hair Rituel by Sisley today enriches its range of shampoos with the new Soin Lavant Doux Pureté. Subjected to numerous aggressions, frequent washing and, above all, the use of styling products, our hair is flat, dull, lacking in vitality and shine and often there is the feeling of a scalp that gets dirty faster. Soin Lavant Doux Pureté is a delicate shampoo that acts as a real “breath of fresh air” for the scalp and the hair fiber: it gives them freshness and lightness and restores vitality, volume and shine. Specifically designed for normal to oily hair as well as sensitive hair, it is combined with Masque Purifiant Avant-Shampoingthe pre-shampoo purifying mask with white clay, for a targeted routine capable of treating the scalp and hair fiber at the same time.

Specific products for every need

For a hairstyle that is resistant to temperature changes, add La Crème 230 to your haircare routine, a no-rinse treatment that is applied to damp or dry hair, lengths and ends, before using heating devices: hairdryer, straighteners, curling irons.
For a hair free from dandruff and feelings of discomfort, however, it is recommended to use Soin Lavant Antipelliculaire Apaisant with sage extract e La Cure Antipelliculaire Apaisante au Complexe Rééquilibrant Intense. An intensive treatment ritual to combat dandruff and itching and regain a good capillary balance.

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