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S.and Covid has taught us something, for sure it is the importance of the quality of life. Starting from work. Many have realized that office life made until then, it was nothing more than a concentrate of stress, tension and anxiety.

And, in fact, in many post pandemics they have decided to give up their profession to devote himself to something else.

The power of Nature

The power of Nature

I leave everything and …

How many stories have been read about “I leave everything and …”. And that “e” very often has meaning escape from the city to start over somewhere else. A place where finally being able to spend more hours outdoors and less when traveling by metro and bus.

dream jobs in nature

Outdoors, in the midst of nature and while earning, you can’t ask for better. (Getty Images)

How many jobs in nature and well paid too

In fact, there are several jobs that can be done in nature. And there are also very well paid ones, starting from 50 thousand euros per year, up to 80 thousand, salary that the environmental engineer earns. It is a figure that deals with controlling the harmful effects of human activities, designing and activating solutions to deal with various environmental issues.

Its range of action varies from defense of the territoryenvironmental management, up to the management and control of water resources or soil and the disposal of waste.

The path to get there is not an easy one, because one is required degree in Engineering for the Environment and the Territory or one in Civil and Environmental Engineering. But once this hurdle is overcome, the outdoor career is all downhill.

The list of “special” works

The list has been drawn up Indeeda leading search engine for finding work, and it really feels like one selection of dream jobs: outdoors, surrounded by nature and making money. The list refers to the American market, but the same works are also present here in Italyperhaps a little less remunerated.

Dream Jobs: The Opportunities

To work outdoors, you don’t necessarily need to move to the mountains or the countryside. The city also offers interesting opportunities for those who don’t like being in front of a desk. For example the marine biologistan expert on aquatic environments and the life forms that populate them.

These professionals can find employment at public and private structuresespecially in research institutes, laboratories and environmental protection agencies, but also in water parks, zoos and nature reserves.

From the photojournalist to the beekeeper

Anyone who has a passion for the photographic lens and a certain spirit of adventure can find work like photojournalist. A way that allows you to travel to capture special panoramas. He must, however, enjoy life with the suitcase always in hand.

If, there is a special love of nature, too beekeeping is an interesting job. The beekeeper or beekeeper has the privilege of being able to take care of the bees, protect them by taking care of the hives from which honey and wax will then be obtained for resale. To start, you just need to have the passion (and a space to arrange the hives), because dedicated training courses are not required by law. They are widely recommended, though.

dream jobs

(Getty Images)

Dream work: the landscape architect

To work in the open air and also have the opportunity to make a career, having less than 26 years, it is possible to try to enter the Forestry Corpswhich today is in effect part of the Carabinieri Corps.

Once you have passed the selection, you will receive training aimed at the protection of our national green and you will have the privilege of control reserves, forests, protect faunaand also carry out agri-food protection activities to verify the authenticity and genuineness of the products.

Another career with high pay and personal potential is the landscape architect. An exciting job, even if the study path is quite long. Indeed, you will have to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree which will have to be supplemented by a targeted specialization.

Mountain guide: go for a walk in the high mountains

If instead of accompanying tourists to the most beautiful cities in the world, it is preferred explore the high mountains and make sure no one gets lost or injured during the hike, then the ideal job is that of mountain guide.

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I’m experienced professionals and specially trained, complete with registration, who must have a deep knowledge of the environment in which they operate. It is among the outdoor jobs par excellencethere is no question, and can ensure a well-paid and extremely rewarding career.


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